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Here at Jim’s we are your local experts in commercial security and loss prevention. We provide services to a range of customers ranging from small independent stores through to large corporate and multi-location businesses. Jim’s Security is proud to be Australia’s largest team of licensed security installers with shared expertise in commercial CCTV, Alarms & Access Control. All work is backed up by the Jim’s Work Guarantee and Jim’s Group warranty so you can be assured of a high quality installation. 

Our Experienced and Licensed Technicians are Readily Available Assist You with Any of the Following Commercial Installations:

Our Services Include the Installation, Supply, Maintenance and Repair of:

Specialised Security Products Available for Businesses:

Video Management Software (VMS)

Access Control

Face recognition

Advanced analytics 

Retail Heatmap Reporting

More Than Security, We Can Help With Any of Your Audio Visual Needs

Here at Jim’s Security our technicians often partner with the team at Jim’s Antennas to provide a wider range of services to our clients, both domestic and commercial. Whether it be MATV/Antenna Installation, TV Wall-mounting, or improving your internet signal and speed – Jim’s Antennas can help. Please fill out the below contact form if you are interested in both our security and aerial services, or visit Jim’s Antennas to learn more about these services. 

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