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Here at Jim’s we are your local experts in commercial security and loss prevention. We provide services to a range of customers ranging from small independent stores through to large corporate and multi-location businesses. Jim’s Security is proud to be Australia’s largest team of licensed security installers with shared expertise in commercial CCTV, Alarms & Access Control. All work is backed up by the Jim’s Work Guarantee and Jim’s Group warranty so you can be assured of a high quality installation. 

Our Experienced and Licensed Technicians are Readily Available Assist You with Any of the Following Commercial Installations:

Small Businesses

  • Gym 
  • Mechanic 
  • Tattoo Parlour 
  • Beauty Salon 

Large Businesses & Commercial

  • Office Spaces 
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Showroom


  • Cafe & Restaurant 
  • Pubs & Clubs 
  • Hotels & Motels 

Carparks & Petrol Stations

Public Spaces & Community Areas

  • Public Libraries 
  • Museums 

Construction Sites

Medical & Healthcare

  • Pharmacy 
  • X-ray Clinic 

Childcare & Education

  • Childcare Centres 
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary School 
  • High School 
  • University 

Our Services Include the Installation, Supply, Maintenance and Repair of:

Types of security products available for businesses:

  • Fog Machine
  • Access Control
    • Face recognition
  • Advanced analytics 
    • Retail Heatmap Reporting

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