Construction Site Security Systems – CCTV, Alarms and Access Control

The Team at Jim’s Security Have a Number of Options Available to Ensure the Protection and Safety of All Construction Sites.

To Safeguard Yourself Against Equipment Theft, Site Damage and Vandalism or to Ensure Workplace Safety, Give Jim’s Security a Call Today to Speak to Your Local Security Expert.

If your construction site isn’t properly secured, you are putting yourself at increased risk of preventable loss through theft, vandalism, and/or natural disasters. Not to mention, with a number of tradespeople and visitors having access to the site, there is the ever-present danger of safety hazards and accidents.

Jim’s Security experts have a number of options available to ensure the protection and safety of all construction sites. Our premier solution incorporates the use of active deterrence cameras complete with remote view and monitoring. These systems are designed to trigger warnings and alerts based on motion activation after hours to deter would-be thieves. They are fit for use in all environments, and with wireless solar options available, these cameras are suitable for use on-site through all stages of construction.

Construction Site Security Packages

Here at Jim’s Security our experienced and highly trained technicians will assist you in tailoring a package suited to your budget and the unique requirements of your site. Our full security packages generally incorporate CCTV video surveillance and alarm response and are designed to eliminate crime related loss by:

The Jim’s Security team also partners with Jim’s Antennas to provide additional services such as:

Construction Site Installations We've Done

We’ve completed a number of  installations for construction sites. Here are a few recent examples of our work: 

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