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Thinking About Increasing the Safety and Security of Your Home With CCTV?

Jim’s Security is able to help with any of your CCTV security needs. We are a fully accredited member of the Jim’s Group, all of our franchisees are police checked and hold a current working with children check and all work completed is backed by the Jim’s Group work guarantee. Our team provides the latest technology and works in conjunction with a range of reputable brands to ensure that our solutions are cutting edge and reliable.

Current offers

HiLook 6MP Acusense CCTV Package

From $1595 Installed*

Inlcudes Hikvision Acusense Technology


Dahua 6MP Wizsense IP CCTV Package

From $1795 Installed*



Hikvision 4K Acusense Package

From $2795 Installed*


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If you are searching for brands other than Hikvision and Dahua, visit our page CCTV alternatives to Hikvision and Dahua to find other brands that may be more suited to your security needs.


Dahua Technologies is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance product and solution provider. They have established an enduring reputation for IP camera and represent exceptional value for a quality product. At Jim’s we consider Dahua to be one of best options for Home CCTV installations in most scenarios. 

Hikvision is the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier CCTV systems and security cameras. Established in 2001, they have quickly earned a reputation for developing high quality video compression hardware and supporting software. While Hikvision can be more expensive than other options it is known for the quality of its software and analytics, therefore it is our preferred brand for use in business installations

Introducing Uniview, the newest addition to the Jim’s Portfolio of Brands. Uniview is a market leader in CCTV technologies, with exceptional low light performance and easy to use mobile phone applications and software. A great fit for both domestic and commercial installations.

Formerly an Australian-owned company, founded by Melbournian David Swann, Swann Security is known for their innovative and affordable CCTV cameras which integrate multiple features such as two way talk, alarms, sirens and sensor lighting into a single unit. These camera systems are generally well suited to domestic installation.

Security Camera Installation

Bring your own cctv system and we can install!

Have You Purchased a System But Need Help with the Installation?

Our team have experience with all brands including Swann CCTV, Arlo, Nest, Samsung, Uniden and Concord.

How Much Will it Cost?

Professional installation starts from as little as $150 per camera or $650 for a complete 4 camera system including NVR/DVR (subject to a site inspection).

Why Consider Investing in Professional Installation?

A professional installer will ensure the correct placement of security cameras, as well as a clean finish and concealed cabling. Before leaving the site, a Jim’s Security professional will also take the time to train you and your family members on how to use your new security system, to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Do You Have a Problem With an Existing CCTV or Camera System?

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV Cameras not only act as a deterrent against petty criminals and intruders, but also provide the ability to monitor your home from afar. A recorded video feed will allow you to analyse activities around your home or business on a daily or weekly basis, while smart analytics can be used to trigger an alarm and warning siren when suspicious activity is detected. In the event of a crime or accident, CCTV cameras provide recorded evidence that can be used in a criminal investigation or for insurance purposes.

Digital IP cameras are undoubtedly the future of CCTV. Here at Jim’s Security we recommend digital IP cameras as they offer the following advantages over analogue cameras:

  • Higher Image Quality –  Analog systems have traditionally been restricted to low resolutions such as 720p or 1MP, while IP cameras often offer resolutions from 4MP to 8MP. IP cameras are therefore able to offer greater zoom capabilities, as details of a scene can be zoomed in on without losing image clarity.
  • Power Over Ethernet Cable (POE) – unlike with analog cameras, there is no need for a separate power source for each camera.
  • Easy Management – IP cameras can be easily managed and controlled remotely, while analogue systems cannot
  • Limited Access to Analytics – IP camera systems have more advanced analytic capabilities compared to analog camera systems as analytics are able to be processed at the level of the camera

The night vision capabilities you should be looking for will depend on how much light is available in your area as well as your budget and specific requirements. When purchasing a CCTV camera, keep in mind that night vision capabilities are influenced by camera resolution. Higher resolution cameras (8MP or 6MP) often have poorer night vision capabilities than lower resolution cameras such (e.g. 4MP). 

At Jim’s Security all of our CCTV packages include night vision and we have several night vision options available with our two most popular options being: Infrared and Starlight.  While standard infrared cameras capture a black and white image, starlight cameras are able to capture coloured images in low light. We generally recommend starlight cameras, as these cameras are able to capture  more detailed information (such as the colour of a suspicious vehicle) to be captured. 

The number of cameras determines the amount of different perspectives you can monitor, while the number of channels determines the number of cameras you can view on one recorder. The number of cameras and subsequent channels you will require largely depends on the size and type of your property. 

Generally we recommend choosing a recorder that has more channels than the number of cameras you plan to have installed as this will give you the option of easily upgrading your system in the future.

For a domestic installation we generally suggest 2TB of storage for a 4MP and 6MP system and 3-4TB for an 8MP system. This video storage calculator can be used to help you estimate how much storage may be required for your recorder. 

When it comes to bandwidth, it is it is recommended that you consult with a Jim’s Security expert as the amount of bandwidth required is influenced by a number of  specific factors such as CCTV camera frame rate, compression, resolution and total number of cameras in a system, and will therefore largely depend on the details of each installation scenario.

The amount of megapixels you need will depend on the location of your camera as well as how you plan to use your camera. For example, cameras with lower resolutions are typically better at capturing images at night. 

Image Quality determines how crisp and clear video signals are, as well as ability to zoom into recorded footage at a later date. The image quality of a CCTV system is impacted by:

  • Camera Capture Quality: Measured in megapixels (MP).
  • NVR Recording and Output: Measured in both MP and digital video formats (i.e. 1080P HD and 4K UHD).

For example, our Dahua 6MP IP CCTV package includes a set of 6MP cameras and a 4K UHD NVR with the ability to capture and output resolutions of up to 8MP to future-proof your system.

Most security cameras installed by Jim’s Security have an IP67 weather-proof rating and a IK10 vandal-proof rating. Cameras are therefore protected against damage caused by solid objects such as dust and sand, as well as rain.  The professional-grade camera systems supplied and installed by Jim’s Security are also difficult for criminals to remove from a property or to damage using physical force. 

We have a wide range of Dahua and Hikvision cameras available including mini eyeball, bullet, dome in both wide angle fixed or zoom lenses. The fixed lenses cameras included in our packages above are suitable for most domestic installations however our team will recommend the best camera for your home.