Hikvision Acusense CCTV Package

Upgrade Your Home or Business Security System With Hikvision's Highly Acclaimed Acusense Cameras, Which are Well Known for their Accurate Sensing and Active Deterrence Technology

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This package includes:

  • 4 x 8 megapixel Hikvision Acusense IP cameras with Strobe Light and Audio Alarm
  • An 8 channel Hikvision NVR, including:  80Mbps Input, 8 Independent PoE ports, 2 SATA Interfaces
  • 3TB surveillance hard drive
  • Professional installation by Australia’s most trusted security installer
  • 3 years warranty on all products supplied and installation

Product Description

Empowered by deep learning algorithms, Hikvision’s AcuSense Technology is able to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects, such as falling leaves or small animals. AcuSense technology focuses on human and vehicle events in two key ways: 

  1. a device will only trigger an alarm when the preset intrusion type (human or vehicle) takes place
  2. videos related to alarm events are sorted into human and vehicle categories for easier footage searches and to improve search efficiency 
Our AcuSense Package offers users several key benefits: 
  • Quick Target Search: improves search efficiency by automatically sorting clips into vehicle, human and object categories
  • Active Deterrence: strobe lights and customisable auditory warnings add an extra layer of security
  • False Alarm reduction rate of up to 90%:  alerts are only activated when people or vehicles are detected
  • Wide range of video analytics
  • 8 Channel NVR allows users to easily expand their camera system in the future, additional cameras can also be added to this package if required
  • Surveillance hard drive has been  built specifically for continuous recording from multiple high definition CCTV camera streams or channels, ensuring all footage is stored safely and securely