Warehouse Security Systems – CCTV, Alarms and Access Control

Regardless of the Size of Your Warehouse, Your Local Jim’s Security Expert Will be Able to Assist You in Creating the Perfect Security Solution for Your Needs.

Warehouses can house thousands to millions of dollars worth of assets and products at any time. To deter and prevent theft, damage and hazardous activity on site, it is  vital that your warehouse is employing an effective security solution.

 Unlike general retailers and shop fronts, warehouses are generally located in industrial and more remote locations – making them easier targets for theft and vandalism. Not to mention, with such large quantities of valuable assets kept inside, the financial impact of a break-in can be devastating. It is therefore crucial to incorporate a monitored security system with active patrols as part of your security solution to ensure quick response to potential break-ins and vandals.

In addition to a heightened risk of break-ins and vandalism, warehouses are high traffic areas in terms of people, vehicles and stock.  Continuous surveillance recording is recommended to protect your inventory, property and employees.

Warehouse CCTV systems will not only deter theft, vandalism and damage from intruders, but also monitor potentially hazardous staff practices, deliveries & pick-ups to eliminate any OHS deficiencies and stock and handling discrepancies.

Example Floor Plan of a Warehouse Security System

Warehouse Security Packages

Here at Jim’s Security our experienced and highly trained technicians will assist you in tailoring a package suited to your budget and the unique requirements of your warehouse. Our full security packages generally incorporate CCTV video surveillance, alarm response and monitoring, and are designed to eliminate crime related loss by:

Our team is also able to assist in installing, replacing or repairing individual components of a security system such as a set of security cameras or a security alarm.

Current CCTV Package Offers:

The Jim’s Security team also partners with Jim’s Antennas to provide additional services such as:

Warehouse Installations We've Done

We’ve completed installations for a number of warehouse owners. Here are a few recent examples of our work: 

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