What is Video Management Software (VMS)?

What is Video Management Software (VMS)?


All CCTV Camera solutions installed by Jim’s Security Technicians come fit with standard client software that allows users to view live camera feeds and playback the footage recorded onto their hard drive. While a standard CCTV package is perfect for businesses who work and trade from a single site, what about those who operate multiple sites from a head office? Or businesses who, in addition to live view and playback, want to increase the analytics potential of their CCTV system to include additional features such as visitor trend analysis, vehicle management and other smart commercial analysis tools?

If this sounds like your business, then a Video Management Software Solution is the answer.

Advantages of Using Video Management Software

A server-based VMS enables a multi-site surveillance system to be centrally managed. The system may have CCTV set-up in 15 locations Australia-wide, but will allow you to operate a centralised management server that controls all of them at a head office. VMS therefore enables seamless control and operation of several different CCTV systems at the same time. For example, users working in a Melbourne head office can log onto the central management server to talk to recorders in Sydney and Perth. 

Furthermore, VMS platforms like Milestone’s Husky IVO, Digi-Fort & Hik-Central (all available through Jim’s Security) provide analytics above and beyond standard client software. Customers employing these systems have seen increases in operational efficiencies through utilising the commercial analysis features of VMS. Tools such as heat analysis, pathway analysis and people counting give users the ability to monitor customer trends whilst in store to maximise sales and productivity. They have also been able to increase loss prevention through tools such as vehicle analysis and facial recognition while monitoring the status of each recorder integrated into their system to ensure it is not tampered with or turned off.

For assistance designing an affordable and effective solution for your business, don’t hesitate to call Jim’s Security on 131 546 or book a free quote.

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