Big Business and Commercial Security Systems – CCTV, Alarms and Access Control

Whether You’ve Got 50 Staff on One Site or 50 Sites Australia Wide With 500 Staff, Protection for Your People, Premises, Product and Profits is Paramount to the Successful Operation of Your Business.

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Big businesses are at heightened risk of preventable crime related loss due to the fact that their operations are conducted on a much larger scale. With more sites, more hands on deck and more production, comes more opportunity for something to go wrong. An integrated security solution is recommended to not only keep everyone practicing safe work, but also protect the premises and resources from theft and damage, ultimately increasing the bottom line.

Installation of a strategically positioned CCTV System allows administrators to monitor a live feed over staff interactions and procedures, whilst providing a 24/7 record if required. Further to this, a monitored alarm system and/or access control can monitor who is coming onto site, with rapid response times in the event of any threatening behaviours.

If you manage multiple sites from a single head office, a Video Management Software Solution may be of benefit to you. Increased security of footage combined with deeper analytics will allow you to monitor everything from customer headcount to heat maps (which allow you to see where your customers are going whilst in the store) and will provide you with notifications if footage is being accessed or tampered with by staff.

Big Business and Commercial Security Packages

The Jim’s Security Team will work with you to tailor a package suited to the individual needs and budget of your business. Our full packages usually incorporate CCTV video surveillance with alarm response and monitoring packages that are designed to eliminate safety concerns and crime related loss by:

Our team is also able to assist in installing individual components of a security system such as a set of security cameras or a security alarm. 

Current CCTV Package Offers:

The Jim’s Security team also partners with Jim’s Antennas to provide additional services such as:

Big Business/Commercial Installations We've Done

We’ve completed commercial installations for a number of  businesses across Australia.  Here are a few recent examples of our work: 

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