Service & Repairs of CCTV & Camera Systems

Do you have a problem with an existing security camera or CCTV system?

In most cases we can fix this for you, but note there will be a minimum service charge for the time of our technicians of $170 for a site visit. If your system is beyond repair, we will discount this cost off the quote to purchase/upgrade to a new system.

What should you consider before booking in a service call?

  • What is the Brand / Model of your system? Our team work on all systems, some of the most common brands on the market are Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview, LTS, Hanwa, Axis, Bosch and TVT. Our experienced team can service these systems and many others with spare parts readily available. If you have one of these systems there is a good chance we can fix your issue. Note that we are not able to service Swann CCTV products unless we have supplied the system.
  • The age of your system? If your system is +10 years we would strongly recommend that you consider updating. Whilst we can work with CCTV systems, it is not always possible to find replacement parts that are backwards compatible (i.e. new cameras may not work with an older NVR/DVR). Unfortunately, we cannot provide a warranty on our work for products of this age and most products have a finite lifespan. Would you repair a computer that is +10 years in age? It is worth remembering that technology has come a long way, our standard range of 6MP IP camera’s show that quality no longer carries the big price tag!
  • Do you have the password? This will speed up the process but not critical. We can recover and reset the passwords for most NVR’s/DVR’s, particularly if you have purchased your system from an Australian based supplier.

What are the most common issues we see with service calls CCTV systems?

  • Camera Fault: i.e. Complete failure, or condensation. In most cases we can replace camera’s that have failed, however for very older NVR’s/DVR’s it can be difficult to find a camera that is backwards compatible.
  • Lost Password: We can recover and reset the passwords for most NVR’s/DVR’s,
  • Hard Disk Failure: Common for systems that have been exposed to a lot of dust and heat, generally a fairly quick and inexpensive repair.
  • Connection issues with mobile devices

Should you repair or upgrade your system?

The cost of repairs on an old CCTV system can be substantial so why not consider an update to a new system? In most cases our team can utilise existing wiring but update the hardware to keep cost down. CCTV technology has come a long way in recent years and in most cases you will see a significant gain in image quality and analytics with both analogue and IP based systems. All of our new systems come with a 3-year warranty.

If you have an old analogue system and are considering an upgrade to IP based technology this article can help you with your decision. 

When is a quote a service call?

Jim’s Security is committed to providing free, no obligation quotes for new systems to customers. But when does a free quote become a service call? A service call charge may apply if:

  • The enquiry relates to an issue with an existing Installation (not installed by Jim’s and under warranty)
  • The cost of the service call is explained to the customer on the phone or onsite by the franchisee before they commence work
  • The Issue is resolved by the franchisee

What is the cost of a service call?

Services call by Jim’s technicians start from $170.00 and cover initial labour and troubleshooting (not including any parts required).

Why do we charge for a service call?

Charging a service call is a standard practice in the trade services industry.  Our franchisees are all business owners and their time and expertise is valuable. If they take the time to travel to a job and resolve your issue, we believe it is fair that they are compensated for this.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your private video surveillance system can be quite useful in a number of ways when installed. Firstly, an installed CCTV camera acts as deterrence against most petty criminals and intruders. Secondly, a surveillance system gives you the opportunity of monitoring your home or pet or loved one from afar. The recorded video feed also allows you to analyse activities around your home or business on a daily or weekly basis. In the case of a crime being committed in your home or office, you will have recorded evidence that can be used in a criminal investigation at a later date.

Digital IP cameras are undoubtable the future of CCTV, Jim’s recommend digital IP cameras as they offer the following advantages over analogue:

  • Higher Image Quality – Higher pixel resolution of the IP cameras means you can zoom into much more details of a scene even after it is recorded, without losing clarity.
  • Power Over Ethernet Cable (POE) – No need for a separate power source for each camera.
  • Easy Management – IP cameras can be easily managed and controlled remotely.

This is the ability to record videos in the dark. To do this, the camera has to have an infrared capability. All of the packages provided by Jim’s include night-vision.

The number of cameras determines the number of different perspectives that you can possibly monitor at once while the number of channels determines the number of cameras you can view on one monitor at once or record at once.

This is the amount of hard disk space on the recording medium, which determines the length of video that can be recorded. Dahua and Hikvision NVR’s use the latest compression protocol (H.265) which gives 50% more storage compared to many other systems on the market.

This determines how crisp and clear the video signals, and your ability to zoom into recorded footage at later date. Image quality is impacted by the following:

  • Camera Capture Quality: Measured in megapixels (MP).
  • NVR recording and output: Measured in both MP and digital video formats (i.e. 1080P HD and 4K UHD).

Our IP packages above include 6MP cameras and 4K UHD NVR’s with the ability to capture and output up resolutions of up to 8MP which will future proof your system.

Ordinary CCTV cameras will not last long outdoors. A weatherproof IP66 certified casing is required if you want to monitor the outdoors.

We have a wide range of Dahua and Hikvision cameras available including mini eyeball, bullet, dome in both wide angle fixed or zoom lenses. The fixed lenses cameras included in our packages above are suitable for most domestic installations however our team will recommend the best camera for your home.

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