Dahua Range Review

Dahua Technologies is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance products and solution provider. They have established an enduring reputation for IP cameras and represent exceptional value for a quality product. At Jim’s we consider Dahua to be one of best options for Home CCTV installations in most scenarios.

Jim’s Security Offers the Following Dahua Packages:

Dahua EZ-IP

Dahua EZ-IP is a low cost series of entry-level IP products and solutions have basic features, such as Smart H.265+, Smart IR, and ROI. EZ-IP products are suitable for small applications, such as homes, shops and offices requiring a low cost solution. Dahua EZ-IP have less intelligent features and performance than Wizsense products.

Dahua Wizsense

The Dahua WizSense is a great mid range product, which includes a wide range of features such as: 

  • Smart Motion technology (SMD)
  • inbuilt infrared and basic starlight technology
  • one way audio

This range is available in a number of resolutions and camera forms – making Wizsense cameras applicable to most domestic installation scenarios and great choice for those on a budget.

Dahua Full Colour

While standard starlight camera automatically switch from colour to black and white recording if there is not enough light available,  Dahua’s Full Colour Cameras  include advanced starlight technology, allowing them to capture 24/7 continuous colour recording.

At dusk, full Colour Cameras will automatically switch on built-in warm light LEDS , which remain on during the night to provide a clear and vivid colour image in order to capture important details such as a the colour of a car or a perpetrator’s eye or hair colour.

Dahua TiOC 2.0

Often called the ’three in one camera’, Dahua’s TiOC cameras integrate the best features from the Full Colour and Wizsense series, including:  24/7 Full Colour monitoring, Active Deterrence and AI, into a single innovative CCTV solution.

TiOC is the perfect all around solution, providing accurate colour recording, advanced analytics such as smart motion technology and active deterrence features such as flashing lights and a warning siren.

Dahua Intercoms

We offer a wide range of Dahua Intercom packages – all of which are IP and therefore can be integrated with existing IP CCTV, to future proof your installation. Our Dahua Intercom packages are also customisable and offer a choice between flush mounted outdoor station or a more compact/traditional ‘doorbell’. All Dahua Intercom packages supplied by Jim’s Security include an internal monitor and remote access – meaning you can see who is at your door when away from home. 

Interested In Any of the Above Packages?

Jim’s Security has access to an extensive range of Dahua products and offers professional installation tailored to unique requirements of your home or business. To a request free quote, call 131 546 or simply click on the book a quote online Button below.