CCTV Alternatives to Hikvision and Dahua

CCTV Alternatives to Hikvision and Dahua


While there has been recent concern about the use of Chinese Security brands, Hikvision and Dahua, in high security and government sectors, these products are generally considered acceptable for domestic and small business installation. 

However, for those who still hold concerns, there are a number of alternatives available. Popular CCTV brands include:  

Formerly an Australian-owned company, founded by Melbournian David Swann, Swann Security is now owned and operated by Infinova, an American security products manufacturer. Staying true to their roots, Swann still have a local design and development team situated in Melbourne.

Swann security is known for their innovative and affordable CCTV cameras which integrate multiple features such as two way talk, alarms, sirens and sensor lighting into a single unit. These camera systems are generally well suited to domestic installation.


Introducing Uniview, the newest addition to the Jim’s Portfolio of Brands. Uniview is a market leader in CCTV technologies, with exceptional low light performance and easy to use mobile phone applications and software. A great fit for both domestic and commercial installations. Uniview is the third largest surveillance manufacturer out of China.

The company’s commitment to continuous innovation is evident through achieving a revenue growth of 20 times their original revenue in 2011 in 2021, now standing at 6.07 billion. 

Their products experience over 680 tests during development and production to ensure the best final product is supplied.


Provision ISR is a leading CCTV and Surveillance technology manufacturer based in Israel. It is one of th fastest growing CCTV brands around the world, and their brand philosophy is to protect all the players in the supply chain, whether big or small. They have products suited for all customers and situations, whether it is for professional or personal use, but they have a primary focus on cyber security, in partnership with Checkpoint.

Their products are practically designed to be compatible with together brands, meaning that they are compatible with any recorder machine available, which allows the installer to connect every channel to the technology you desire. Whilst their products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China, Provision ISR is compliant with the NDAA law

Based in Taiwan, VIVOTEK develops and produces all of their products within the country. Compared to Swann and GeoVision, this brand is more focused on commercial solutions. For instance, the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP) allows users to continually customise and expand their cameras’ software according to changing security requirements. They have also partnered with Trend Micro, a world renowned cyber security company, to provide multi-layer protection and automatically secure users’ network systems. 

VIVOTEK products are generally recommended for commercial installations. Due to their flexibility and exceptional quality, these CCTV camera systems have also been applied to a number of niche surveillance circumstances from fishery monitoring programs to protecting the ancient city of Petra, one of the world’s seven wonders. 


Hanwha is a Korean technology brand operating and continuously developing their technology since, becoming one of the world’s bets comprehensive security companies. 

They specialise in video technology, diversifying its business into access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, and continuously investing in research and development to enhance these features. Their products provide the highest performance, resolution and stability for maximum safety and reliability.

All GeoVision products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. Specialising in professional grade cameras systems, GeoVision are highly regarded for their built-in advanced analytic software and exceptional video quality. This company also actively develops its camera software and hardware compression technology to provide customers with a more efficient and competitive product and lower storage costs.

GeoVision camera systems are well-suited to larger commercial installations and have been applied to a broad field of industries including government, hospitals and transportation.

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Synology is a Taiwanese corporation, offering  storage solutions with custom NVR software that supports  nearly any brand of ONVIF Camera.  

Synology are well known for their recorders which offer private cloud storage, Plex media services, remote access to home network and home automation. Synology’s products are suitable for small to medium scale business and large-scale deployments. 

In addition to standard surveillance products and data protection services, Synology also offers tailor made solutions. Some of the companies they have worked with include Jetstar, Unilever and Audi.

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Ways to Further Secure Hikvision and Dahua Products

Lastly, if you’re concerned about potential spyware, but still like the features of a Hikvision or Dahua camera, or if you already have one of these systems installed, there are additional measures you can take to keep your footage secure. 

For example, consider putting your cameras on their own VLAN or creating a firewall to block any unwanted communication. For safety and security, no matter what make of camera system you have, we also generally recommend only installing external cameras.

Here at Jim’s Security we offer a wide range of CCTV brands and packages, and are also able to supply and install any camera system of your choice. To find out more don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online. 

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