Should You Pre-wire a New Build for CCTV?

Should You Pre-wire a New Build for CCTV?


When it comes to CCTV pre-wiring a new build is generally a wise option for two storey homes, houses with limited roof space access and those with narrow wall cavities such as double brick, Hebel or foam builds. This is because these type of builds are significantly more difficult to wire once built, which will not only increase the difficulty of installation but also the cost.

Although many builders offer pre-wiring options we recommend requesting that a security company does your wiring. This will ensure that only skilled, trained and experienced security professionals are completing your installation. Due to lack of experience and training in this field, builders are infamous for pre-wiring cameras to positions with poor visibility and obstructed views.

The kicker is that when a builder completes your pre-wiring, the price of wiring mishaps cannot be covered under the Jim’s Work Guarantee or any other warranty provided by your security installer, as the security technicians were not involved in the wiring process. This often leaves homeowners with unnecessary additional costs.

Usually, having a security company pre-wire your new build and then come back to install security cameras is the best way to go. Pre-wiring done by security technicians ensures that cabling is run to optimal CCTV camera positions and that your security system is tailored to your home and lifestyle. Not only will your new house be well protected, but Jim’s Security will ensure that you get the most out of your system.

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