How much should you pay for a Swann Security Camera & CCTV Installation?

How much should you pay for a Swann Security Camera & CCTV Installation?


It is very common for customers to underestimate the amount time and materials required to complete a professional installation of Swann Security Cameras and CCTV systems. The installation of a 4 camera system can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the job, and there can also be significant material costs. At Jim’s, professional installation starts at $150 per camera or $600 for a 4-camera system including NVR/DVR. But these figures can be impacted by a range of factors which may increase the price of your install.

What factors influence the cost of a Swann Security Camera Installation?

The Construction of Your Home

When it comes to concealing cables, properties that have a non-standard build, such as full or double brick homes, Hebel and Foam construction, will make for a more challenging installation. Many older homes have double brick construction whereby both internal and external walls are constructed using brick. This makes  it harder to reach the wall cavity (which is often relatively small). In comparison, modern homes are often constructed with Hebel panels, a lightweight concrete building product, that can result in a limited or no wall cavity in the home. Both of these construction types increase the time spent installing the camera system and therefore the price. On the other hand, properties that have walls with larger cavities that are easier to access, such as brick veneer homes, are likely to be closer to the baseline cost.



Flat Roof Vs Pitched Roof

Surprisingly, a flat roof often makes for a more complicated install, as there is less room for cabling to be placed. Once again, due to the complexity of the installation and subsequently increase in time taken to complete the job, a flat roof will likely add to your cost. In comparison, pitched roofs make for an easier install as there is plenty of room for cable to be placed safely. This often makes for a quicker, easier, and cheaper job.

Roof Access

How easy is it to get on-top of your roof? If it’s difficult and dangerous, you can expect to pay a little bit more.

Is it a Large or Multi Storey Home?

Once again, how high and how hard your roof is to access will to a degree effect the price of your installation. If a home is large or multi-storey, this can also impact the field of vision of your security cameras. This is because placing the cameras in an ideal position may require conduit to bring the camera down to an appropriate height. Doing so requires additional labour and may affect the home’s aesthetic quality, which is an issue for some. To find the perfect spot, that does not compromise the vision of cameras and the exterior of a property, will likely take more time, and possibly testing of possible camera positions. And will therefore be a little bit more costly.

Location of the NVR/DVR

Ideally, an NVR/DVR should be placed near a TV to allow you view your security footage. However, this is not always achievable (i.e. TV’s located on the ground floor of a multi storey property). In these circumstances our team will recommend an appropriate solution (i.e. using a separate monitor attached to the NVR/DVR).  

Distance Between Cameras and the NVR/DVR

The distance between the positioning of the cameras, and the distance between the cameras themselves and the NVR/DVR determines how much cable is used and how much work is required. As a result, labour and material cost for a large property may be greater.

Analogue vs IP based systems

An analogue system uses coaxial cable, which is a cheaper than cat5e or cat6 data cable, which are used when installing IP based systems.

This image was sourced from Visual Verifications Systems Inc.  

Do you have a smart wired home?

If your house is pre-wired with data cable, our technicians may be able to utilise existing cable or conduit. This simplifies the job, and also reduces costs related to materials used during the install.

To sum it up, the cost of installing CCTV cameras on your property depends on 3 key factors.

  1. How hard is it to connect everything?
  2. Are additional materials required?
  3. How long will it take?

When reading about the cost of installation, it may be tempting to attempt to install your CCTV security system by yourself – rather than having to shell out even more money for someone to do it for you.

But, before you jump the gun, take the time to consider whether you are equipped and able to install the system properly and whether you’ll understand how to operate it.

A professional installer will always use their experience to ensure the correct placement of security cameras to capture all security events. They are also very experienced with cabling to ensure a clean finish and well-concealed cables.

Not to mention CCTV systems are complex technology, and the average person usually requires assistance to get the most out of their system. A trained security professional will not only install the system, but provide adequate training for you and other family members before they leave the site.

All cameras installed by Jim’s security also come with a 3-year Installation Warranty (product warranty will provided by the place of purchase), so you can rest assured that your CCTV system won’t just protect you for the time being, but for years to come.

Jim’s Security is an authorised reseller of Swann Security Systems. If you’re wondering about the cost of CCTV installation for your home or property, why not give us a call? Contact us on 131 546 or book a free onsite quote.

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