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If you are looking for more flexibility, control, and sophistication from your security system, Jim’s Smart Security and Home Automation is the answer.

We know how to move with the times and keep the technology working for you, which is why, Jim’s Security is always researching brands and bettering our service, to bring you the very best quality, functionality and to stay ahead of the competition. At the Werribee office, we leave no stone unturned in the quest for top quality service and results.

With Smart Security and Home Automation package, you get incredible control of both your security system, as well as, your home functionality. Automating your home or business can be achieved with very little installation and is very cost-efficient.

Your security footage is streamed live to your chosen device and you can review files anytime with ample cloud storage backup. Get notifications and operate your security system from your smartphone with the user-friendly app to arm, disarm and see user activity, giving you full control of your security system while at work, on holiday, or out and about.

When you are at home, you can access your system, change zones and check notifications from the state-of-the-art touchscreen pad.
Your smart package doesn’t end there, it also includes home automation which enables lights, temperature control, locks, garage doors, and smart appliances to connect to your security touchscreen, ready to access with one touch of a button from any room in your home or remotely, when you are away.

In order to tune into your lifestyle and be ready when you are, your home can also be programmed to respond to your needs with built-in automation. Request your central heating to switch on, your external lights and your oven to preheat before you arrive from work, allowing you to walk into a well lit, temperature-controlled, and ready home. It also means you have greater security control with lights programmed to come on and doors locking in the event an external motion detector is activated.

The Smart Security package also includes Jim’s 24/7 monitoring service, providing you with push notifications and real-time alerts if there is ever an issue you need to know about.

We keep our services clear and straightforward at Jim’s Security by selecting the products you need and the coverage that works, turning them into a base package with a set price. That price also includes warranties and Jim’s professional installation.
It’s a clean-cut and honest approach that our Werribee customers love and respect.

If needed, you can upgrade or customize any of our packages for additional hardware or links to other security services. Talk to your Jim’s representative in Werribee to learn how all this is possible for your home or business.

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