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Many people don’t put plans for what to do in case of an emergency. Part of this is because there are quite a few things that can (but probably won’t) go wrong. It can seem like a waste of time to research and practice such a large scope of action for, well, hopefully, nothing.

Having a security system in place is a great place to start because you get help in deterring threats, as well as, early warnings, so you can get moving faster, saving your property from costly damage and helping to respond quickly. When it comes to a threat in your home or to persons, you need to have fast and efficient responses to know what to do, where to get help and how to respond quickly and calmly. Only in hindsight do you think, “if only I had thought of….”

Every second counts in the event of a medical emergency, fire or intruder when someone is at home. Not having a plan of action can cost precious minutes in a critical situation, and this might result in significant repercussions, which is why Jim’s 24/7 alarm monitoring service is here to help.

Jim’s Alarm Monitoring can safely and accurately monitor all your alarms, from external security cameras and intruder alarms to medical, personal, or plant & equipment alerts, we have your back and we are ready to look after your health and property so you can get on with your day without worry.

Self-monitoring your alarm is an option Jim’s likes to keep open to all of Jim’s Security customers. We believe that having security in place should be affordable and achievable for every budget which is why our monitoring service is not compulsory. Once you purchase and install your professional security equipment through Jim’s, it’s yours to keep. There are no additional costs or requirements, however, self-monitoring has its limitations, for example, it won’t allow you to chase off an intruder, put out a fire or call an ambulance in the event of an incident. For this reason, Jim’s recommends professional monitoring services to increase your security and have a dependable response ready whenever needed.

Your safety is our number one priority and we do stress that you should call the police if you ever notice your alarm triggered or door ajar. While unlikely, it is also possible that an intruder may still be inside.

To get the most from your security, the best cause of action is to have a backup monitoring service handled by professionals. Jim’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring center is run by experienced and trained professionals who have secure steps and processes to follow if an alarm is tripped. We assess the threat within seconds and choose the right action to take to give you prompt and positive outcomes.

Our onshore offices are audited by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) and certified to the highest Australian standards.

To get the strongest defense for your property, we strongly recommend using Jim’s professional monitoring. Feel safe knowing that your security is covered with response plans. Talk to our team in Werribee about our action plans and what’s involved in our response processes. Louie in Werribee will be happy to visit your site to discuss your package options.

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