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One of the most frustrating things about keys and entry locks is how much hassle they can be when you are in a hurry or your arms are full. For some reason, keys just seem to disappear into bags and pockets and no amount of frantic rummaging seems to produce them. For such times when keys are lost for good, calling a locksmith is not only time-consuming, it’s also expensive.

Besides the inconvenience, safety is also another reason why keys are becoming a thing of the past. In busy households or businesses, handing out keys to every family member, cleaner, staff, and guest is not just impractical, it’s not particularly secure, especially if it means placing a spare key in the letterbox!

It’s easy, cost-effective and possible to reduce the use of those inflexible keys and upgrade to access control giving you the control over your gates and entryways, visitor access and screenings.
Keyless entry and remotely controlled door locks allow you to electronically control who can pass through which entrance, what time and how long for, giving you the flexibility to grant access to those who need it and protect your property both from your premises and out on the road.

The user-friendly remote intercom makes it simple and easy to view arrivals, screen and grant entry to those who need it, either from the security of your home or via the smartphone app when out and about.

Replace that battery doorbell with a professional-grade hardwired video intercom system installed by Jim’s Security. The user-friendly touchpad and remote app will make it easy for you to monitor your entryways and admit guests at the touch of a button, from any room in your home or when you are at work or at the shops from your smartphone app.

You will love the flexibility of remote door screening to accept deliveries when you are out, admit licensed service workers or make sure your kids are alone when they come home from school.
The upgrade to access control is easy and affordable with set priced packages giving you everything you need to get started. Jim’s packages include a state-of-the-art touchscreen, HD camera, motion detector, door control, as well as, intercom stainless steel casing for long life in harsh outdoor conditions.

Homes and businesses that already have analog intercom setups can swiftly and easily make the upgrade to digital features using the existing intercom wiring. If you have or are looking to install CCTV, you can easily direct your intercom feed through your existing feed to give you continuous recording and review from your entry camera.

Access control systems are a perfect fit for modern families in Werribee to protect your assets and your loved ones. Talk to Louie, Jim’s Werribee franchisee about how you can utilize access control and intercoms in your home or business for the best security benefits and ease of living.

Ask Louie at Werribee for an onsite obligation free quote and give yourself the freedom of having incredible security technology today.

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