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Halfway to your holiday destination and you get that sinking feeling you might have forgotten something? Did you remember to arm your home and business alarm as you were going out the door? With Jim’s Smart Security options, this will never be a problem again! Just simply use your smartphone app to log into your security system and check the status. From there, you can arm, disarm, and see other activities. Have internal cameras? You can even zoom into individual zones to check on pets.

Your app will also give you push notifications and real-time alerts, keeping you updated and in-the-loop if there is ever a problem that requires your attention. Control your security system from your internal touchscreen or log in remotely using your smartphone app.

While we can be sure of holidays and times away from home, smart technology security will be useful in making sure other family members have set alarms for when you are at work and for inbuilt automation to take care of certain scenarios without even lifting a finger. Home automation is affordable and attainable with very little fuss or installation.

Select from Jim’s smart security starter packages that include entry detection, motion detection, mobile app, touch screen panel with voice notifications, alarm monitoring from our 24-hour Australian-based center, cloud backup storage, professional installation, warranties, and home automation.

The included touchscreen control panel is easy to use, of the current generation and has the ability to be updated from our base remotely, making sure your software always keeps up with the latest innovations.

The included home automation allows you to check and control smart features of your home including locks, lights, temperature, appliances, devices, and garage doors. Do this from your internal touch screen or your remote app. Inbuilt automation cues allow you to pre-program certain events, letting your home run with careful recipes. Set temperature control rules, have lights automatically switch on and preset responses if security sensors are triggered. Your smart home will be ready and tailored according to your personal preferences, season to season, and week to week.

Your existing security alarms and CCTV systems can also be connected for one-point ease of use and control.

Your Jim’s Security representative in Prahran will be able to give you all the details of what this smart package will mean for you and what is possible for your home or business. Enjoy secure and contemporary living together with 24-hour monitoring.

Home automation is a perfect combination of smart thinking and smart programming that you can take advantage of now and for and in the future. Give Rick a call for a free in-home quote.

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