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Modern technology makes it possible to streamline our busy lives and iron out as many irritating processes as possible. That includes the use of entrance keys which have tallied up enough time and frustration through constantly being out of reach, or out of sight when we need them the most. Let’s face it, we could all do without the hassle and expense of replacing lost or broken keys. That’s exactly what access control is all about, giving you more freedom, flexibility, and security when it comes to entry locks, whether you are using them yourself or granting permission to others for entry.

Jim’s Security services makes it easy and affordable to get rid of that tiring battery doorbell and install a professional-grade intercom system with video. These units come hardwired to your home or business electrical circuit so you never have to worry about losing performance or connectivity through a run-down battery.  

The change is easy and affordable with various priced packages providing you with the perfect base to get started. Together with your installation comes:

  • A 1080p HD camera
  • Motion detection
  • Door control
  • A high-resolution touch screen
  • Remote intercom software
  • Ability for continuous recording when integrated to your existing IP CCTV system 
  • Outdoor station with stainless-steel finish for durability

The user-friendly touch screen gives you the ability to view and screen arrivals at your gate or door from anywhere within your premises. Not at home? You can answer your door using your smartphone app and even operate locks to allow guests, trusted family, or even delivery drivers have access or partial access with the touch of a button.

We always recommend an IP-based system if your budget and cabling access allows for it because an IP system can be integrated into existing IP CCTV and will futureproof your installation, giving you continuous recordings and reviews. For those who already have analog intercom and want to upgrade to IP systems, Jim’s Security can use the existing wiring, making the installation faster and easier, providing you with a significant discount on the package costs.

Keyless entry and remotely controlled door locks allow you to electronically screen and remotely grant access to selected persons, ensuring the safety of the people, valuables, and property inside without the hassle of needing to be home just to admit guests, workers, or accept deliveries.

Access control systems are the perfect addition to modern families and business alike in and around the city of Stonnington, particularly when businesses often hold valuable and sensitive data that needs to stay secure and accounted for amid the comings and goings of staff and cleaners. Give yourself, your family, or your workforce an access-controlled environment for safety, security, and accountability.

Talk to your Prahran Jim’s Security team member about how you can utilize access control and intercoms to increase security and entry options for your home and business.

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