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Jim’s alarm monitoring service can accurately and efficiently monitor all your alarms, from intruder security at home, equipment & plant alerts, personal, fire, and medical alarms, Jim’s has your back and we’re ready to jump into action to protect your health and property.

Having security and alarms are essential for deterring criminals and providing a fast warning system because what happens after that alarm goes off is crucial. However, most people don’t forecast that far into an event to know what to do and how to act if an incident occurs. Of course you hope for the best, and with security alarms in place, you give yourself the best chance of reducing criminal activity, however, in the event of a break-in, an intruder might still be on the premises when you get home, or even during a break-in at night when you and your family are sleeping, it’s imperative that you get professional help and quickly. That’s why Jim’s monitoring services is the best addition to your security system. Our 24/7 professional monitoring ensures fast and accurate responses as soon as an alert is triggered.

We respond in seconds to evaluate the situation and take the right course of action. We understand that every second in an emergency counts, which is why our team is carefully trained and certified to the highest Australian standards. Our center is routinely audited by the ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) for compliance and processes.

To work with your budget, Jim’s offers free self-monitoring services that include notifications to your smartphone if your alarm is triggered, however, when you are out, you may not be able to check your phone messages straight away, and you may not have the contact numbers you need to get fast professional help to your property.

We believe that Jim’s monitoring services provide valuable assistance that can’t be easily replicated yourself, or by any other provider.

To maximize your business or home security setup. We provide the strongest defense for your assets and family and we strongly recommend looking into professional back-to-base monitoring.

Jim’s keeps all our data here onshore so that your privacy is protected at all times. Day in and day out, take comfort in knowing that Jim’s security has your back and your best interests covered. Talk to our team at our Prahran base about options and prices and see how far a small investment in your ongoing security can go.

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