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Hi, I am Vik and I am the Geelong franchisee for Jim’s Security.

My service areas include:

Bellarine | Geelong | Greater Geelong | The Surf Coast

I am an experienced CCTV and Alarm installer living in Geelong for a little over five years now.

This is a great region, I really love it here. Geelong, it’s just a fantastic area for families. There’s the ocean, the bushes, plenty of parks, and adventure. We also have a nice straight highway into Melbourne if you ever want to do something different or go to work. I think for entertainment, everything you need is pretty much contained in the Geelong district.

I get down to the waterfront quite a bit. It can be a bit crazy during school holidays, but that’s part of the magic of the area. It’s a nice drive along the coast as well, that’s a great little getaway, along the Great Ocean Road, or into Barwon Heads. It can be really quiet in both directions and the beaches are beautiful, then you’re home in time for tea.

Geelong has a quiet feel to it, but I’d always look to increase security at home just for prevention and peace of mind more than anything. I think it’s especially important for the people who go into Melbourne to work, it’s a long commute and you would want to rest assured knowing that your home is secure when you get in and it’s after dark.

When you are down at the waterfront or the playground with the kids or on holiday, you want to be sure your home or your business is looked after, just by checking in with a phone app, or on the computer. When people can see their home is secure or their pet is okay, it just makes their day much better.

Businesses usually get Jim’s Security to monitor their footage since they don’t want to be doing that at night, on weekends or while they are away, that’s a whole new level of taking your work home with you! There are lots of small businesses in Geelong so we get a lot of requests for security cameras to be installed and monitored, there are also several family homes getting security alarms installed. I think it makes a big difference with the crime rates. We’re lucky here in Geelong to be able to look after ourselves and look out for each other, and I’m really pleased to be able to be part of that.