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Lock and key giving you trouble? Over time, locks can become sticky, when your hands are full, keys can be annoying and when you are late running out the door, finding keys to get out and get moving is frustrating.

Security is the number one priority with Jim’s Access Control and Intercom services, however, convenience and ease of use also has a big role to play in designing and installing solutions that will work for your busy lifestyle. Aside from the safety features of having onsite and remote locking and screening capacity, you will also want and need an entry system that will grant family, guests, and occasional workers such as, cleaners, gardeners, and delivery drivers limited access when you are not at home, or doing something that prevents you from getting to the door.

It’s easy and affordable to replace your old battery doorbell with a well-known brand video intercom system, boasting professional-grade technology and reliable installation. The included internal touchscreen makes monitoring and screening your point of entry easy from any point in your home, or if you are at work, or on the go, you can answer your door via video feed using your secure smartphone app.

Replace that old battery doorbell with a hardwired video intercom system from well-known brands with professional-grade technology and installation. The base package is well priced and includes a smart touchscreen for internal access control, HD camera, stainless steel finish to help protect from the outside elements, door control, and motion detection.

Access control is the perfect addition to your home in Geelong or business site. Keep data safe and choose who has access to your property when. Other options include keyless entry systems to control who can pass through an entrance without the fuss of finding, passing out, or keeping tabs on keys.

If you currently have an analog intercom, Jim’s Security can upgrade your system to IP-digital features using your existing wiring for fast and efficient installation.

As a bonus, your entry video can be streamed through your existing IP CCTV.
Jim’s keyless access control brings a higher level of security and sophistication to your property’s entry points and security control. When combined with CCTV cameras your intercom system allows you to identify people and vehicles for a highly efficient, easy-to-manage site.

Ask your Jim’s Security team member at Geelong for details and demonstrations so you can get the best security and unlimited access control for your property.

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