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If you are thinking about installing or upgrading your home or business security alarm systems, Jim’s Security is the perfect place to get started.

Jim’s alarm systems combines the use of internal and external detection devices such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and glass breakage to keep you and your property safe with alerts and monitoring to let you know if your alarm is triggered.

Jim’s has a selected range of high-quality security accessories and hardware to choose from, giving you the ability to match your security preferences and costs according to your lifestyle. Bosch brand is one of our biggest sellers. A world leader in quality and one of the most widely distributed security brands all throughout Australia, Bosch is simple to use and reliable, favored for use in thousands of Australian businesses and homes. Jim’s also recommends and carries trusted equipment and supplies from companies like Yale, Risco, Hills, Crow, and Ness.

We have the industry experience and serviceability to be able to handle any security project, be it big or small, commercial or domestic. Jim’s team understands the complexities of different sites and scenarios, which is why we go the extra mile to assess your property’s weakest points and recommend security systems that will provide effective protection from intrusion and damage.

As a matter of fact, Jim’s believes that our ability to train and equip our team is so perfect that we back everything we do with Jim’s famous $1 million guarantee.

Your Geelong-based Jim’s Security professional will utilize local knowledge and experience to design and install a custom alarm system for your home or business using the latest technology and a select range of proven, quality suppliers. Our security alarm package incorporates the basic needs and requirements with a simple one-price structure.

Aside from intrusion detection, you can get connected with alerts for glass breakage, smoke, flooding, and passive infrared (PIR) for external motion. Your alarm also comes with options to have sirens and flashing lights to alert neighbors and passers-by of an incident.

Monitoring options include self-monitoring via alerts and remote activation, as well as, Jim’s 24/7 coverage and response carried out by our team right here in Australia. Our lower level PIR options also means you can monitor motion around your property even when you are on the premises.

You can easily incorporate your alarm with any of Jim’s other security packages including CCTV to have an effective all-around system.

Jim’s team recommends hard-wired security system for reliability and secure service, however, homes and businesses that don’t have adequate roof space or those who want a portable unit to take with them when they move, wireless systems are also available.

Ask for a quote from your local Geelong Jim’s Security Franchisee and see a demonstration from Jim’s systems and get expert knowledge together with our world-class customer support.

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