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Jim’s Security is a trusted name with certified training and proven field experience in the Diamond Creek area. We provide security systems and second-to-none customer service for reliable security in your home or at your business but that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck rolling out ancient systems and stone-age equipment. Jim’s Security strives to continue to test, research and improve our products and processes to move with the times and stay ahead of the competition.

That’s how we can easily bring you the newest initiatives in technology and the smartest device connectivity through Smart Security and Home Automation. Let us show you how to bring your modern home together in a state-of-the-art package that covers all your needs.

Smart Security gives you the ease and ability to control your entire security system on one central home touchscreen. Arm, disarm, or change your settings from the couch while you watch TV or check your external cameras and sensors from the kitchen while you cook.

Out and about, at work, or on holiday? This is where your smart security system steps in with your smartphone app to allow you to view your settings, see the status of your alarm system, arm or disarm, see notifications, and even zoom into different zones around your home. You can stream your CCTV footage through to your device for continuous view and recording.

Want to come back and view your camera footage at a later date? Everything is backed up to secure cloud storage giving you previous recordings with a few simple clicks.

Included in the Smart Security package are professional monitoring services from Jim’s 24/7 Australian-based center. Our trained and certified staff are on hand to swiftly look after any issues or contact you as required.

So far, that covers your touchscreen panel complete with voice notifications, local storage and back up, mobile app and 24/7 Professional Monitoring. Besides those, your package also includes entry and motion detection, ability to connect to Amazon Echo and Home Automation.

Home Automation allows you to check and control many compatible systems and features in your home or office, such as external and internal lights, garage doors, thermostats, smart appliances, locks, and other devices, all from your home touchscreen or mobile app. Make your home more efficient and more fun to run while getting the most out of your smart appliances and using them to their maximum potential.

Along with running your home or business from your user-friendly current generation touch point control, built-in automation gives you even more flexibility and freedom by running programmed commands of response to certain situations without you. “If this were to happen, then do this” recipes mean your system can respond to security threats, extreme weather, and certain times of day to have your home ready and waiting for you when you walk in the door. The oven is preheated, the dishwasher has finished its cycle and your porch light is on.

Speak to your Jim’s Security representative in Diamond Creek about what Smart technology devices and appliances are ready for you to connect and how built-in automation recipes can work to make a significant improvement in how you run your home or office.

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