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Security alarms work. Not just to inform you when there has been an attempted entry, but also to show criminals that your home or commercial building is monitored. Security alarms make it more difficult for thieves to get in and also far more difficult to get away scot-free. That makes homes without alarms better targets, and your home with an alarm is two to three times less likely to be broken into.

When you consider how affordable Jim’s Security alarms are, it makes installation a solid investment, one that will pay dividends with reduced home and contents insurance and an attractive safety feature to sell if you choose to put your home up on the market.

Secure sensitive data, valuables, antiques, and technology with an easy-to-choose base package that includes a combination of internal and external detection devices that can have added peripherals such as smoke and carbon detectors, glass breakage, and flood detection. Jim’s Security has created budget-friendly packages that suit just about every home and business with easy additions or upgrades for more coverage or for an increase in capacity. Base package purchase and installation is priced under $700, making it budget-friendly.

Packages include an entry detection switch, motion detection switches, wireless remote and self-monitoring via cloud-based mobile app. Monitor your system by yourself with no ongoing costs or take up the fast and reliable Jim’s 24-Hour Back-to-Base Monitoring for added security and maximum results from your system.

Your entry keypad can be upgraded to a touchscreen for improved functionality and sophistication. Both keypad touchscreen and remote can be used to arm, disarm, and also, partially arm areas of your property for added security even when you are at home.

For long life and reliability, Jim’s recommends hard-wired alarms as a first preference, however, since it’s not always the right fit if you are renting, moving soon, or if you have limited roof space, there are wireless security options possible.

For the best security options, we recommend combining your security alarm system with a CCTV package. Packages are easily intertwined and remotely driven for ease-of-use at home or away.

For those considering installing or upgrading alarm security, Jim’s Security is the perfect choice. Your licensed security professional, based in the Shire of Nillumbik will be able to use local knowledge and experience to design and install a custom alarm system for your business or home using the latest technology and a range of proven, quality suppliers.

Talk to your Jim’s Security franchisee in Diamond Creek about which custom options will work best for your security and lifestyle.

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