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Jim’s alarm monitoring gives you 24/7 protection with a response to an alert in seconds. Jim’s Security can monitor all you alarms from security intruder alerts down to medical and personal, and even compulsory plant and equipment alarms. No matter the situation, be it precaution or emergency we have the right response protocols in place and ready for action.

Knowing what to do and how to act in an emergency is hard to plan because the variations can be wide and sudden, however, the faster you act, the higher your chances are for a better outcome.
Having security is the best start to protecting your property, family, workers, and possessions, with security alerts, keypad entry, IP cameras and wailing alarms as proven deterrents together with early warning systems and tools for helping bring criminals to justice.

Choosing to self-monitor your alarm systems is an option that Jim’s Security likes to have available, this will help make quality security available with every budget. Our notifications and cloud app access provided with your security installation package gives you detailed control and ability to self-manage your alarm, for free. While your security systems do help keep you secure in many ways, you still need to be prepared in the unlikely event that an alarm is triggered, an accident like a fire occurs, or if there is a medical emergency.

Seconds can be valuable in emergencies, so it is important to have some kind of plan in place, to know who to contact and how, if one or more of your alarms is triggered. Your safety is important to us, so you need to call the police, fire service, or security if you believe an intruder has been in your home. This is important for police records but also for your protection should an intruder still be inside.

Our expert monitoring team has proven procedures, training, and experience for every possible scenario and they know which course of action to apply immediately, getting in touch with you or contacting emergency services directly, depending on the situation, at hand.

Jim’s professional alarm monitoring is a superior and completely secure option that gets help to you quickly, it’s especially important if you and your loved ones are home during a break-in, not able to check mobile security alerts frequently or are out of the country with work or on holiday and have limited access to phone Australian emergency services.

We run our 24/7 back-to-base monitoring services onshore here in Australia. Our offices are certified to the highest Australian standards and undertake auditing from the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Take up the opportunity to maximize your business or commercial security and put in place the strongest defense for your premises. Feel safe knowing that Jim’s Security can cover you in case of emergency and talk to our Diamond Creek team about your security and monitoring options today.

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