Commercial Starlight CCTV Installation for a Car Park with Ubiquiti Wirebridge Link

Commercial Starlight CCTV Installation for a Car Park with Ubiquiti Wirebridge Link


According to a recent meta-analysis done by the American Society of Criminology, the largest and most consistent effects of CCTV were observed in car parks with a crime reduction rate of 55%.

Security cameras within car parks provide a number of benefits to businesses, these include:

  • deterring crime and preventing vandalism
  • providing evidence of breaking and entering (given that cameras are placed in view of the entry and exit points of a building)
  • providing evidence of theft or vandalism if it is to occur

Car park CCTV can assist customers and staff by:

  • deterring car theft, violence and other illegal activity
  • capturing important details such as registration plates or facial facial features to help catch and pursue legal action against a perpetrator
  • increasing safety, especially at night-time
  • capturing evidence of hit and run accidents for insurance purposes

Louie from Jim’s Security Werribee recently supplied and installed an Uniview 5MP Starlight CCTV System combined with an Ubiquiti wirebridge to provide a wireless link to the NVR for a body corporate carpark.

Starlight Cameras have advanced technology allowing them to provide both black and white and coloured footage depending on the lighting of the scene.

Low-light colour recording is useful for providing critical evidence. For example, the colour of a suspicious vehicle and details regarding a suspect’s appearance. 

In this case, Louie recommended Uniview 5MP Starlight cameras as they can support colour recording in conditions close to complete darkness (0.005 Lux). 

When installing these cameras Louie mounted them high-up onto light poles to prevent tampering and vandalism. The light from the street-lamps will also help provide clearer and more illuminated footage in low-light levels and improve the frame-rate at which movement is recorded.



During this installation Louie also installed a Ubiquiti wire-bridge, establishing a wireless link to connect the cameras in the carpark to back to the NVR located within the business.

A wireless link or point-to-point link provides a reliable and affordable method of connecting security cameras to the NVR when running new data cable is not an option.

In this case, the main advantage of this method is that it allows for the cameras to connect to the NVR without having to trench the area and lay cabling.

Those using this car park can now rest assured knowing that their personal safety and possessions are protected.

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