What is Dahua TiOC?

What is Dahua TiOC?


Dahua’s new TiOC,  three-in-one, camera systems integrate core technologies to accurately identify potential risks and effectively ward off intruders. The three main features offered by TiOC cameras include:

  • 24/7 colour monitoring
  • Active deterrence
  • Artificial intelligence

Cameras that provide a coloured image in both day-time and all low-light conditionsare important for capturing crucial evidence, such as the colour of a suspicious vehicle, or perpetrator’s clothing.

In addition to 24/7 colour recording, Dahua’s TiOC cameras also include a red and blue flashing light, as well as a 110dB siren to ward off potential intruders before an incident occurs. These Active Deterrence features go hand in hand with Dahua’s AI powered perimeter protection and Smart Motion Detection (SMD). Two functions which work together to promote accurate alarm function by distinguishing false alarm triggers (e.g. car headlights, pets and falling leaves) from real targets (humans and vehicles).

TiOC cameras are available in several forms, including: bullet, turret and PTZ, and are suitable for a variety of application scenarios ranging from domestic installation, private properties and large commercial installations to public spaces.

To find out more about purchasing a Dahua TiOC camera for your home or business don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a quote online. Or if you’re still shopping around, why not check out the Jim’s Security CCTV & Camera Systems page to see our latest deals on CCTV packages.

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