National Secure Your Home Day – September 2023

National Secure Your Home Day – September 2023


National Secure Your Home Day is an initiative of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia that aims to enhance home security across Australia. This year, the event will be held on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September. The event provides an opportunity for all householders to prioritize making their homes more secure. Australians are encouraged to take a moment to assess their security measures and take proactive action to make their homes more secure.

There are certain measures you should be taking to reduce your risk of being a crime target including:

  • Ensuring doors and windows are locked when leaving the house
  • If you’re heading away for a few days, don’t leave bins out the out the front or let mail pile up. This can potentially alert people to the fact the house is vacant.
  • Making your home more difficult to access and less attractive to potential thieves
  • Removing items that can be used to climb into windows

However, if you want true peace of mind, incorporating electronic security measures like CCTV surveillance, intrusion alarm and intercom to protect your home is your best layer of defence against household crime. You can read about some of the latest trends in the Australian home security market here.

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To participate in National Secure Your Home Day and gain access to valuable tips, resources, and engaging activities for kids, and more, register at official website.

Stay safe and secure!

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