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Jim’s Security has been in operation for some time, providing trusted security systems and services all throughout the Melbourne region. Even so, we know how to move with the times and keep the technology fresh. We are always testing, researching, and improving our product range, installation process, and customer service standards to make sure we stay on top of our game and well ahead of the competition. How else would we keep up with Melbourne’s rapidly evolving trends and lifestyle!

That’s why all Jim’s Security franchisees offer Smart Security and Home Automation packages. Smart Security gives you the ability to control your chosen security system from your easy-to-use home touchscreen or log in using the online app to access, turn on, or check on your security cameras or alarm remotely.

Monitoring services included in the Smart Security package allows you to receive real-time alerts, notifications from our 24/7 security base, remotely logging in to see your security system at work, and even tap into individual zones in your home.

Smart security extends to more than just your home or business cameras and alarms, it also includes Home Automation which allows you to check the status of lights, thermostats, locks, garage doors, appliances, and other smart devices allowing you to control them remotely or from one simple touchscreen panel in your home.

Inbuilt automation rules or ‘recipes’ as we like to call them, allow you to program set responses and patterns into your Smart Home Security System. This way you can build a system that works for you, the season and your lifestyle. You could program your air conditioner to turn on if the inside air temperature reaches over a certain preset temperature. If there was motion detected on the external Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR) then all doors could be programmed to lock and allow the garage door to roll down.

When it comes to your Smart Security CCTV, you can have footage from your security cameras streamed and recorded directly to your device. We also have an additional safety feature of automatic backup to cloud storage, so the data is accessible whenever you need it. Taking the technology even further, our high-end cameras have the function of two-way audio and camera direction control, giving you even more command when responding to events at home or work when you are away.

With Jim’s, we prefer to keep things simple and straightforward, that’s why we have created packages with our most user-friendly, useful and popular purchase sets, creating bundles with a fixed price. It’s a clean-cut and honest approach that our Melbourne customers love. That price is everything you pay, from installation, equipment right up to Jim’s friendly service and warranty.

You can customize your Jim’s smart security and automation package to meet many if not all of your personal needs. You can also take advantage of Jim’s generous Smart Security Package which encompasses the best parts of Jim’s security and monitoring services. Ask for a quote and let our team at Jim’s Security Melbourne give you the details and demonstrations you need to make an informed technology choice for your home

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