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If you are thinking about installing or upgrading your home or business security alarm systems, Jim’s Security is the perfect choice.

Jim’s is the largest franchise group in Australia, enabling us to source the best, train the best, and ensure the highest quality of security work throughout the city of Melbourne. We believe in our work and our team so much that everything we do comes backed by Jim’s famous $1 million guarantee.

Your Melbourne-based Jim’s Security professional will be able to use local knowledge and experience to design and install a custom alarm system for your business or home using a range of proven, quality suppliers and the latest technology.

Jim’s alarm systems are built using a combination of internal and external detection devices that can be wireless if needed. Hard-wired alarms are our first preferences, however, if you don’t have the roof space or are in a situation where you are likely to move in the near future, like a rental property, we can easily adjust our alarm system setup for portable, wireless connectivity.

Aside from intrusion detection, your alarm also comes with options to connect and alert you to glass breakage, flooding, smoke and passive infrared (PIR) to alert to external motion.

Jim’s package option allows you to monitor your property security by yourself, for free. Although our security monitoring base is available for 24/7 coverage and response right here in Australia.

Jim’s flexible alarm options include wireless Fob for remote activation, as well as, zoned sections through lower-level PIR so you can continue to be protected even while you are in your home.

Intruder alarms are effective with alarmed homes 2-3 times less likely to be burglarized, which is not only good for your peace of mind but is also effective at cutting your insurance costs.

For best results, intruder alarms are most effective when coupled with video monitoring. Our CCTV options are easily integrated into your alarm packages making a complete security system simple and affordable.

Jim’s has a selected range of quality security hardware and accessories for you to choose from, allowing you to find the set up that will harmonize with your lifestyle. One of our preferred brands is Bosch. Bosch is one of the most widely distributed security brands throughout Australian and the world. The reliable and simple to use alarms make them a firm favorite, used by thousands of homes and businesses Australia wide. Other trusted and carried brands include Hills, Crow, Yale, Risco, and Ness.

For convenient and world-class customer service, your security system will be customized and installed by a licensed, qualified Jim’s franchisee. Your local Melbourne representative will be your point of contact from initial quote down to installation and after-sales service.

It’s just another way to say Jim’s is looking after you.

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