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Jim’s Security Camberwell is here to look after your security needs with a quality camera and CCTV options for your home or business.

With quality and proven performance in mind, Jim’s Security offers a wide range of cameras that showcase the latest security innovations and biggest and best brands to ensure your CCTV installation or upgrade is reliable and efficient, not just now, but for years to come.

We supply several professional-grade brands that each come with a range of camera choices from the world’s leading brands in security surveillance such as TVT, Dahua, and Hikvision.

Choose the camera that best suits your needs, be it mini-eyeball, dome, bullet, fixed lens or wide-angle, Allen at Jim’s Security Camberwell can give you a rundown on the benefits and can recommend the best fit for your home. While we have stocks for both digital and analog, Jim’s Security recommends digital cameras for high-quality recording and playback that allows you to zoom in with clarity and detail.

Having visible cameras is an effective deterrent to thieves, although that doesn’t mean they need to be unsightly. We will take the aesthetics of your home into account and look for ways to install cameras so they don’t detract from the beauty and elegance of your home.

Our extensive range of cameras and camera accessories means we are able to tailor a package that works within your budget and security requirements. Choose the number of cameras, locations and the features you need. Be in control of the costs and range of vision.

Cameras can be installed internally to keep a watchful eye on pets at home or confidential papers in the office, and externally; to deter theft and vandalism.

As well as Jim’s $1 million guarantees, our cameras come with a 3-year warranty. We give you added protection with weatherproof casing for any outdoor cameras that may be exposed to the elements, for long-lasting performance.

Our licensed security professional can also streamline your installation process with Power over Ethernet (PoE). Using PoE, we can supply both power and network connections together in one cable. This gives you more flexibility for where your cameras are located which makes installation simpler, safer and cleaner than traditional methods.

Before you buy talk to Allen at Jim’s Security Camberwell about which security measures can be customized to fit your home and lifestyle. Our obligation-free quote comes with live demonstrations that give you a look and feel for the future security of your home.

Book for your quote today and see the difference that peace of mind can make.

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