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All your alarms, no matter what they might be, can have superior 24/7 monitoring services from Jim’s. Be that our own installed intruder alert or peripheral alarms, or your personal, medical, plant and equipment alarms. We have got you covered by responding in seconds.

Most people don’t think about responding to an incident. For them, having a security system is enough and that’s where they stop thinking about it. It’s that safety and peace of mind they need for their Eastern Suburbs homes or businesses and it’s absolutely justified.

Security systems for homes and businesses are proven to act as a deterrent to thieves and can also increase the level of difficulty in entering your premises, meaning thieves and vandals are much more likely to move on to an easier target. In the unlikely event, however, that someone has gained access to your property, you suffered a medical emergency or a problem occurred that threatened your home, you must have a plan for what’s going to happen next.

Jim’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring is that solution. We have proven responses and processes for your health, safety and property security, in mind. We take action within seconds of an alert and know how to follow through for successful results.

In the event of an incident, we will contact you directly and can even send someone over to investigate and handle the problem safely with calm practice. It’s the response you want and need if there is ever a need to be away. Even more so, if you and your family are home when a break-in happens.

Our team of skilled personnel work right in our Australian center, which is audited by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and certified to the highest Australian Standards.

While we give you the option of self-monitoring your alarm system, there are limitations. Our CCTV provides you with recorded footage as evidence for police or in court, but; it won’t allow you to chase off an intruder, turn off the main water or put out a fire in the event of a damaging incident.

Even an intruder alarm with a siren requires additional follow-up. While most intruders run in the opposite direction when the alarm sounds, it is also possible that a trespasser may remain in your property in a state of distress. Your safety is our number one concern, which is why; we never recommend you to enter into a property before security or police have completed a sweep.

Give yourself the maximum benefits your security system has to offer with professional monitoring services. Feel safe knowing that the right action will be taken at the right moment. Talk to your Camberwell security representative at Jim’s and learn about our response methods and action plans.

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