Hikvision CCTV and Intercom with Gate Control Installation

Hikvision CCTV and Intercom with Gate Control Installation


Glen from Jim’s Security Sydney recently installed a set of six 8mp 4k Hikvision CCTV cameras, complete with a Hikvision IP Intercom.

During this installation, Glen connected the intercom to a electronic gate at the front of the property, allowing his clients the ability to open the gate remotely. Visitors can now use the doorbell feature on the outdoor station to talk to the homeowner over the intercom or request entry. Two-way communication, video surveillance and access control can be monitored on both the internal station and the Hik-Connect app.

When installing intercoms at gates or in two-storey homes a common issue is that new cables are often unable to be run. To solve this problem Hikvision has introduced 2-wire versions of their IP Intercom products, giving customers the ability to retrofit the latest technology using pre-existing cabling. The 2-wire range can also be mixed and matched with IP intercom products. For example a customer may choose to have a 2-wire outdoor station connected to an IP intercom, as was the case in this installation.

When it comes to inside the home, Hikvision’s indoor stations have a slick design and user friendly interface that supports intuitive navigation. Not to mention, CCTV cameras can also be connected to the indoor station allowing users to not only monitor their intercom, but to also view a live feed of the cameras within their security system from one location.


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