Swann Spotlight Security Camera Installation

Swann Spotlight Security Camera Installation


Louie from Jim’s Security Werribee recently supplied and installed a set of Swann 4K Thermal Sensing Bullet IP Security Cameras for a home in Broadmeadows.

Not only is this new system IP66 weather rated, and supports PoE, but it’s jam packed full of additional features, some of which include:

Two-way Talk and Siren

Two way talk and siren transforms a CCTV system from a passive tool, simply used to record and capture evidence of crime, into an active deterrent. Which in addition to recording, prevents criminal activity and scares-off would be intruders.

The siren feature is automatically triggered when motion and heat, within a human range, is detected. Homeowners can also use the two-way talk feature, supported by the Swann Security app, to further scare-off potential intruders by using their own voice to let criminals know they are being watched and the police are being called.

IR and Spotlight Night Vision

In total darkness Swann’s Thermal Sensing Bullet IP Security Cameras can record up to 40m away using IR (infrared) night vision. Unique to Swann Security, this camera set also offers Spotlight Night Vision.

Unlike traditional IR systems, coloured night vision is activated by Swann’s True Detectheat and motion sensors  – which automatically trigger the camera’s floodlights and colour recording as soon as warm activity, like people or cars, is detected.

While automatic activation allows for efficient use of storage space, the camera’s sensor lights provide an innovative solution to unwanted motion blur effects often seen in CCTV starlight footage.

Advanced Video Analytics

This camera set includes video analytics, such as:

  • Face and People detection: to trigger recording and alerts when a certain face is detected, and record whether people shaped objects are walking towards your property
  • Line crossing detection: to detect people jumping a fence or crossing a business entryway
  • Perimeter intrusion detection: keep an eye on valuables such as parked cars, and entry points such as doors and windows, any movement in the area will trigger alerts and recording
  • Static object detection: draw a circle around a static object such as a parcel on your doorstep, and any movement around this area will trigger recording and alerts
  • Crossing counter: a useful tool count customers

Swann’s Thermal Sensing CCTV cameras not only provide homeowners with a fully functional system, but also with the comfort of knowing that they are safe and well-protected in their own home.

Here at Jim’s Security we offer a wide range of Swann Security CCTV packages and installation from just $150 a camera.

For exceptional service with a smile, competitive prices and quality installations and repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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