Colour Options for CCTV Cameras

Colour Options for CCTV Cameras


Keeping your property safe does not necessarily mean having to comprise on the aesthetic value of your home or business.

While most CCTV cameras come in the colour white, there is an alternative option.

Both Dahua and Uniview offer security cameras with a black outer casing for those who’d like a more discrete or sleek finish.

But why are your options so limited?

The majority of security cameras are white to keep the cameras cool in sunlight. Darker colours absorb more heat, which often causes extra stress on a camera’s internal components.

Although less suitable for outdoor installation, you may consider using black CCTV cameras to compliment the interior of your business or home.

Fixed security cameras can also be spray painted to match the exterior or interior of a property.

However, this option less popular, as paint is likely to cause more heat absorption and therefore can lessen camera life. If choosing to paint your camera make sure to use spray paint and opt for a light colour. 

Do not paint motorised CCTV cameras, as this will affect their mobility and functionality. 

That being said, a fairly risk free way to improve the look of your CCTV system is by painting your conduit, the plastic piping protecting your camera’s wiring, to match the colour of the wall it is against.

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