Hikvision Colour-matched CCTV Installation for a Double Brick Home

Hikvision Colour-matched CCTV Installation for a Double Brick Home


Daniel from Jim’s Security Adelaide recently installed a  Hikvision CCTV camera system for a double brick home. During this job Daniel could not conceal the cabling of the cameras as he was unable to reach the internal wall cavity (double brick homes are notoriously difficult to wire as both internal and external walls are constructed using brick). Working within these limits, Daniel made sure that the conduit installed inside the home was installed neatly and in a spot that didn’t attract much attention. Going a step further for his customers, not only did he match the colour of the conduit to the walls of the room it was installed in, but also spray painted the new security cameras to blend in with the exterior of the home, giving them a more discrete appearance.

For this installation Daniel chose to use Hikvision as they are one of the leading brands in the security field and supply CCTV systems that well-known for their reliability and ease of use.​

Hikvision is one of the few security brands that provides cloud backup which allows users to connect their camera system directly to their Google Drive account. Once an event triggers recording, footage is automatically uploaded and safely stored in the cloud. Security recordings can also be viewed in real-time using a smart device, making monitoring your home simple and easy.

Additionally, Hikvision are well known for their advanced analytics software. Unlike other systems in which an extra module is required, Hikvision offers its customers embedding of analytics features directly into each camera. This allows for a cheaper solution, as only additional software and not hardware is required, and also provides increased flexibility when upgrading your system.

The five camera based analytics modules that Hikvision offer include:

Motion Detection

Triggers alerts if there is a moving object within a pre-secured area

Sabotage Detection

Alerts users in real time if the camera has been tampered with e.g. moved, covered, etc.

Loitering Detection

Alerts users in real time if individuals are hanging around in predefined areas

Intrusion Detection

Delivers real-time alerts if an intruder is entering a secured outdoor area e.g. a shed

Indoor Detection

Sends real-time alerts of intruders entering secured indoor premises

Lastly, this camera set boasts excellent low-light performance supported by DarkFighter technology. Cameras with DarkFighter technology have a larger sensor and larger lens aperture to significantly reduce unwanted noise and graininess within footage and are therefore able to improve the visibility in low-light colour scenes.

This new Hikvision camera system not only blends seamlessly into the interior and exterior of this home, but also guarantees  secure and reliable protection for many years to come. To find out more about our range of security systems visit our CCTV and Camera Systems page, give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online. 

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