CCTV System Installation for Nissan Car Dealership

CCTV System Installation for Nissan Car Dealership


Car theft continues to be a major issue in Australia, with rates of car theft increasing following the soaring of car prices as a result of the pandemic.

The total number of cars stolen has quadrupled from 2016 to 2020 and professional thefts, where cars are stolen, broken down into parts to be sold separately, and never recovered, are on the rise. With car yards even being referred to as ‘supermarket[s] for car thieves’

In 2020, a passenger/light commercial vehicle was stolen every thirteen minutes – bringing that year’s worth of stolen vehicles to a whopping total of 39,400. For car dealerships and showrooms, this is an alarming statistic, as the majority of their revenue is tied to their vehicles and associated merchandise. 

A fool-proof security system is therefore a standard requirement. As it is common knowledge that lack of proper protection is likely to set owners back hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen vehicles and property damage. 

Recently, Connor from Jim’s Security Brighton East, set-up a new security system for the Nissan Cardealership in Werribee. During this job, he installed 12x Dahua Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Wizsense turret cameras, 8x Dahua Smart H.265 bullet cameras and 1 x Wizsense NVR. 

The new system covers all entry and exit points and through a combination of strategic positioning and different camera forms is able survey the entirety of the show-room. This is not only beneficial in the sense of cameras deterring crime or capturing evidence in the event a crime is to occur, but will also likely reduce premiums for business insurance. Not to mention, cars sitting in a show-room or yard or those that are taken out for test drives may be easily scratched or dented – having footage to support who is liable for the damage will therefore save dealerships thousands of dollars worth of repair costs. 

To find out more about security solutions for those dealing cars, visit our Car Dealership and Mechanic Security Systems page or view our full range of CCTV cameras. For any questions, or if interested in creating a comprehensive security solution for your business give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online. 

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