Dahua CCTV Installation for Jeep Dealership

Dahua CCTV Installation for Jeep Dealership


 Connor from Jim’s Security Brighton East recently set-up a new security system for his local Jeep dealership. During this job he installed: 9x Dahua Wizsense turret cameras, 7 x Dahua Smart IR Bullet Network camera, 1 x Dahua NVR.

Dahua’s WizSense cameras include Smart Motion Detection (SMD) to prevent time consuming and costly false alarms by only triggering an alarm if a human or vehicle is detected. They also have inbuilt infrared and starlight technology, providing coloured images in low light conditions and include one way audio which can be used ward off intruders or provide remote instructions to people such as deliverymen after or before opening hours. While the turret form provides a wide view, the Dahua Smart Bullet Cameras have a longer range, and act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders.

By installing different camera forms and strategically positioning the security cameras  while installing them – Connor ensured that the entirety of the Jeep dealership is under the best possible surveillance and that there are no blind-spots left for intruders to hide.

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