Best Security Camera and Alarm Systems – Jim’s 2022 Awards

Best Security Camera and Alarm Systems – Jim’s 2022 Awards


At Jim’s Security, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to protecting homes and businesses Australia wide. Instead, we prefer to tailor security solutions to the layout of each property and the unique requirements of our customers. As such, our team has utilized a wide variety of security solutions for our customers. We’ve just passed the halfway mark for 2022, so we thought it’s a good opportunity to ask our team of security experts to review and select the security systems and technologies that have performed the best over so far in ’22. These are our winners…

Best Value - CCTV

Uniview is back in 2022 with a higher resolution than the 5MP Prime range that made last years list. Uniview boasts powerful low level light technology (Working in just 0.003 Lux – darker environments than Dahua & Hikvision), as well as tripwire perimeter protection settings. The Univeiew 6MP easy star Kit comes with an upgraded 8ch NVR with additional hdd bay for future expansion and additional storage capacity.

Winner - Best Value: Dahua 6MP Wizsense

It was close, but the Dahua 6MP Wizsense has proven itself to be the best value surveillance solution so far in 2022. It has a high resolution 6MP camera with great low level light performance. However, The real point of difference with the Dahua wizsense range is the smart analytics and intelligent detection. With improvements including longer detection distance, higher detection accuracy and reduced false alarms, it’s easy to see why this camera is the preferred choice by most of our customers.

Best Performer - CCTV

Honourable Mention – Hikvision Acusense

This one could have gone either way. The Hikvision Acusense range can greatly reduce false alarms generated by targets other than humans or vehicles, vastly improving alarm efficiency and effectiveness. The Acusense range is arguably the industry leader in ‘active deterrence’ cameras. It uses deep learning algorithms to categorise objects, and allows users to respond in real time to potential security threats as well as saving time when reviewing footage through quick targeted search options. These have had great success in commercial settings through preventing damage to the property and crime related loss.

Winner - Best Performer: Dahua Tioc2.0

TiOC, also known as three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-colour surveillance, active deterrence and AI into one smart and innovative solution, greatly saving time and money for customers. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders, effectively protecting life and property’s safety. The TiOC 2.0 has been a revelation for customers in 2022. They are an extremely cost effective means of drastically increasing the level of security and usability of a surveillance system at home. Many customers have opted to incorporate one or two TiOC 2.0 cameras into their standard Dahua home CCTV system. For this reason, our team of security experts have unanimously voted the Dahua TiOC 2.0 as the best performer so far in 2022.

Best Retailer CCTV Solution

Swann 4 Camera 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD Pro Enforcer™ NVR Security System

If you’d prefer to purchase your own hardware with the option to have it installed by a professional, then our technicians recommend the Swann 4K Ultra HD Pro Enforcer NVR Security System. This kit is available at most big retailers who sell surveillance equipment, and includes high quality 4K resolution, red & blue active deterrence lights, 2-way audio & low light technology. Always speak to your Jim’s Security Expert prior to purchasing your hardware, so you can ensure you’re getting the best price. Even if you choose to provide your own hardware, we always recommend your surveillance system is installed by a licensed, insured security professional.

View our range of Swann Products at this location. 

Best Value - Alarm

Honorable mention - Bosch 3000 Alarm w/ IP Module for RSC+ App

If you’re in the market for a no-frills, reliable, hard-wired alarm solution, then look no further than the Bosch 3000. This system is tried and tested over many years, and has consistently been one of the most popular solutions installed in new homes and businesses throughout Australia. It’s simple and easy to use, can house up to 16 zones and when installed in conjunction with the Bosch IP module, is compatible with the free Bosch RSC+ App for smart phones. This enables basic arm/disarm feature without any on-going subscription costs.

Winner - Best Value – Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System

The Hikvision AX pro alarm solution is a completely wireless alarm solution that provides advanced security technology giving users complete peace of mind. Simple yet powerful, the AX pro alarm system is scalable, meaning you can add as many motion detectors, door/window reed magnets, glass break detectors, keyfobs (and more!) as you require to tailor the perfect system to protect your premises. With no need for wires, we can place sensors anywhere with ease. Sensors come with 3-5 year battery life and are connected via the hub with signal strength detection to easily eliminate potential connection issues. Offering connection via Wi-Fi, IP or 2 Sim cards the alarm can be professionally monitored or self monitored via the HIk-Connect phone application with no subscription. It can also be connected to your Hikvision CCTV, intercom and access control solutions to form connected home security, which leads us to…

Best New Range–Connected Home Security with the Hikvision Hik-Connect Ecosystem

The HikConnect EcoSystem links all of your Hikvision security devices giving you the flexibility to view, arm and disarm everything with a single touch. Manage your home or business’ security system from the HikConnect App on a phone or tablet and connect to your alarm system, access control, surveillance cameras and video intercom at any time whether you’re at home or remotely on the go. Our customers have loved the convenience of being able to arm/disarm their alarm, answer their intercom to see who is at the door and receive real time responses to events on their security cameras all through one easy to use app platform.

Ultimately, the best security camera system for your home will depend on personal preference and requirements as well as the layout of your property. But, don’t let the wide range of options out there overwhelm you! If unsure about which camera system is best for your requirements and property have a look at our CCTV Buyers’ guide or CCTV and Camera Systems page.  For further assistance or help installing a new CCTV camera system don’t hesitate to give us a call on  131 546 or book a free onsite no obligation quote.

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