Bandwidth and Storage When it Comes to CCTV

Bandwidth and Storage When it Comes to CCTV


Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred from one point in a network to another (e.g. from a camera to a NVR or DVR) per second. While Storage is the capture of this data on your NVR/DVR, usually measured in TB (Terabytes). One TB is equal to 1,000,000 Megabytes (about 500 hours of SD Video). 

Planning the bandwidth and Storage requirements of CCTV cameras is as important as where the cameras are placed. 

This is because the network is limited by the amount of traffic it can carry and store – as such a system that does not have an adequate amount of bandwidth will take more time and have more issues when sending through footage. 

Running out of bandwidth on your network will pose connectivity issues (video may freeze and drop out), and have a negative impact on the footage’s resolution and overall quality – potentially inhibiting the recording of critical incidents. 

The amount of bandwidth needed for a CCTV camera directly relates to the camera’s video quality. Generally, the higher the quality, the higher the bandwidth and need for storage space. 

Factors that influence bandwidth are: 
  • image resolution (MP)
  • frame rate (30 frames per second is the standard for security)
  • compression (H.264 and H.265 are most common for CCTV products)
  • complexity of the scene 
  • movement 
  • continuous or event recording  
  • total number of cameras in a system

When determining how much bandwidth is needed for your security system it is recommended that you contact a professional as there are no arbitrary parameters in place. This is because the set up and information received by each home and business’ security system is specific and unique. 

For a domestic installation we generally suggest 2TB of storage for a 4MP and 6MP system and 3-4TB for an 8MP system. If interested, you can use this  video storage calculator  to help you estimate how much storage may be needed for your surveillance system.

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