Alarm Systems: Numeric Keypad vs Touch Screen Panel

Alarm Systems: Numeric Keypad vs Touch Screen Panel


Numeric Keypad $

Touch Screen Panel $$

Both Numeric Keypads and Touch Screen Panels offer many similar basic functions such as Zone Detection.This is  the ability to enable and disable sensors in particular zones, in addition to arming your entire system.  

However, many customers opt for Touch Screen Panels over Numeric Keypads as they have a sleeker design and are generally more aesthetically pleasing.

Touch Screen Panels also allow you to name zones, making it easier to see where an alarm has been triggered. While zones on Numeric Keypads cannot be named. For instance, a Touch Screen Panel would display ‘Pool Door Open’, while a Numeric Keypad would show ‘Zone 3 Open’.

Touch Screen Panels can also be configured to control some basic home automation devices such as garage doors or electric gates.

Unsurprisingly, Numeric Keypads are generally cheaper than Touch Screen Panels as they have limited capability.

Bosch Keypad

Numeric Keypad 


Touch Screen Panel 

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