Why You Should Consider Installing a Security System for Your New Home

Why You Should Consider Installing a Security System for Your New Home


Have you recently moved into a new home or are you currently building? Well, firstly congratulations, secondly have you considered installing a security system? If not, then we highly recommend that you do, especially as according to ”Budget Direct – latest home burglary statistics” Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world!

At Jim’s Antennas, our team work closely with our licensed Jim’s Security team to assist with the installation and service of:

  • CCTV Systems & Security Cameras
  • Security Alarms
  • Video Intercoms
  • Access control

To help protect your family, possessions and property we recommend installing CCTV, as they are a huge deterrent to criminals. If your home has CCTV installed at the front and back of your property, criminals are far less likely to target you. Which is why it is also recommended to advertise your home security at the front of your property. CCTV can also be set up to capture ‘blind spots’ that you would not see from your window.

Michael from Jim’s Antennas & Jim’s Security South Morang installed 5 x Dahua’s 6mp Starlight cameras around a customers property. Michael recommends Dahua products, as they are the second largest CCTV company in the world, and with Starlight technology, you will get a clearer night vision and colour video in low light conditions. Remotely view cameras using your smartphone, plus a 3 year warranty backed by Jim’s.

Dahua 6mp Starlight Cameras were installed around the property.

The customer also requested that the display always be on in the kitchen separate from the NVR – Network Video Recorder.

For this job, Michael was also asked to install the Bosch interactive alarm system. Bosch is one of the most widely distributed security brands in the Australian market and globally. But that’s not all. He also mounted their TV to the wall.

If you would like to install a home security system and mount your TV to the wall, just call 131 546 or book here, to arrange your free onsite quote today.

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