Alarm Zones – What Are They and How Many Zones Do You Need?

Alarm Zones – What Are They and How Many Zones Do You Need?


Security systems manage and control sensors through alarm zones.  A zone normally corresponds to a sensor in a particular area of a property, for example your living room or front door. They are set up to inform you the area in which a sensor has been triggered. 

The number of zones you have will depend on the size of your property, as well as how much of your space you wish to monitor. Each detection device requires its own zone. For instance, an alarm with 8 zones can typically only handle up to 8 detectors. 

If you have a property with a high number of zones you will need a control panel with greater zone capacity, and there will also be the cost of the additional detection devices. 

The number of zones affects the price of an alarm system in two ways: 

  1. A control panel that supports a greater number of zones will cost more 
  2. A property that requires more zones will likely need more detection devices (additional hardware and labour costs)

Here at Jim’s Security our baseline $695 package includes a Bosch 2000 Alarm, which supports up to 8 detection zones. 

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