What Are Active Deterrence Security Cameras?

What Are Active Deterrence Security Cameras?


Traditional CCTV cameras are a great way of increasing the security of your home. They’re primarily used to capture, record and store footage of your premises for the protection of your home and contents. One potential weakness of traditional security cameras is that they are a reactive solution, in that the footage is only really useful after an event has occurred. While this is great for producing evidence if/when required, a CCTV solution is not as effective in stopping a potential intruder prior to them breaking in. 

What if you could create a more proactive security solution out of your new or existing CCTV System? Enter: Active Deterrence cameras. Active deterrence cameras are the latest technology in the constantly evolving surveillance industry. In addition to providing the same record functionalities as a standard CCTV camera, they are equipped with intelligent video surveillance features that are designed to actively deter crime prior to it occuring. This technology can distinguish between people and vehicles from other movements (such as a bird flying past) in selected areas using perimeter protection and smart motion detection to minimise false alarms and only notify you based on programmed preferences. When triggered, the cameras can also be set up to omit a bright light and loud spoken warning as an additional measure of actively deterring a potential intruder prior to them breaking in whilst alerting anyone who is within ear shot.

Active deterrence cameras can be used in conjunction with standard CCTV cameras to create a more comprehensive solution. We often recommend our customers incorporate one or two active deterrence cameras into their surveillance system to monitor the main entry points. 

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