Upgrade of Wireless CCTV System in Melbourne’s North

Upgrade of Wireless CCTV System in Melbourne’s North


When choosing a security system, it’s important to find one that fits your budget. But, that being said, it is critical that this budget aligns with your expectations of your cameras’ quality, function and usability. While cutting corners, and making a quick grab for a DIY camera may save you money in the short-term, it’s likely to actually cost you more in the long-run.

Shaun from Jim’s Security Diamond Creek recently had a customer who moved into a new Doncaster home to be closer to his family. When moving into his new home Shaun’s customer decided against professional security installation and wired cameras due to their expense, rather opting to install wireless cameras himself.

Don’t be fooled, despite their misleading title, some wireless cameras still need to be connected to a power source. If your cameras are battery powered, then continuous recording is not an option and you’ll need to be prepared to change batteries frequently.

While at face value, a comparatively easy installation is an advantage that wireless cameras have over wired cameras – they are often an inferior solution.

This was exactly Shaun’s client’s experience. After suffering through poor CCTV video resolution and regular dropouts in the wireless data connectivity, he had finally had enough and decided to call Jim’s Security for a new camera system and professional installation. The issues experienced by Shaun’s client were of great concern as he often spends time away on holiday, and his partially functioning CCTV system caused him to be fearful of leaving his home for extended periods of time.

Luckily Shaun was easily able to fix this issue. When completing this job, he replaced his client’s wireless cameras with wired Dahua 6MP cameras, which are of exceptional value for a quality product. Shaun was also able to fit the new cameras over the existing camera holes to ensure that the eaves of the new home didn’t require any patching, and connected the recorder to the television for easy viewing.


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