The Evolution of Home Security

The Evolution of Home Security


Much of the Australian security market is still based on the traditional security system.  This technology developed in the 1990’s generally consist of hard wired sensors, an internal/external siren and a controller.

Much has changed since the 1990’s, and for good reason!

These systems were usually limited by:

  • Monitoring most likely will not work with NBN due to their reliance on a phone dialer
  • No function to allow app control or SMS notifications
  • Require a service technician to change the code or add a new user.
  • No integration with video/CCTV

So what’s changed?

The latest generation of smart security systems are much more than just an alarm and also include built in home automation and the ability to integrate video.

These systems are cloud based platforms which allow for:

  • One app to control your alarm, home automation and view camera footage
  • Customisable alerts through app notifications or SMS, easily managed by the end user
  • Touchscreen panel with voice notifications
  • Home automation using the leading protocol (Z wave) – control lights and locks, create recipes to trigger automation based on events (i.e opening a door can trigger your hallway light to turn on).
  • Can be integrated with the Google Home / Amazon Echo Ecosystem
  • Video verification and backup of alarm events into the cloud
  • Professional monitoring or self monitoring
  • Can be integrated with Video Door bell
  • Remote management and remote trouble shooting by your security company

Security systems have come a long way in recent years and not all security companies have moved with the times. If you choose Jim’s Security you will ensure you have access to the latest technology on the market.

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