Swann Security vs Hikvision CCTV

Swann Security vs Hikvision CCTV


Tossing up between purchasing a Swann Security or Hikvision Security System? 

In this article we will consider these two brands across several key considerations (Motion Detection, Colour Recording & Smart Home Integration) to help you decide who you should be buying your new CCTV system from.

Motion Detection

An attractive feature of both Hikvision and Swann is that neither brand supplies products which operate using pixel motion detection. This outdated technology is notorious for off-setting false alarms, as it cannot distinguish between expected and suspicious movement.

Instead, Swann Security’s  True Detect™ uses an  inbuilt thermal PIR sensor to trigger an alarm when thermal radiation is detected from moving objects within a human temperature range. While Hikvision uses AcuSense technology, deep learning algorithms which enable cameras to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects. 

Swann Security and Hikvision recorders can both be switched from continuous recording to motion only recording and sensitivity areas can also be customised for each individual channel. 

When it comes to smart motion detection, Swann and Hikvision Cameras mostly offer similar functionality . The only difference is that Hikvision products support targeted searches, allowing videos to be sorted into human and vehicle categories to improve search efficiency. Generally, this feature is more applicable to commercial scenarios where a larger amount of footage is required to be reviewed.

When it comes to domestic installations, Swann offers many of the same necessary motion detection features as Hikvision at a slightly lower cost.

Colour Night Vision

Most Swann Security products offer standard night-time colour recording known as ‘Spotlight Night Vision’.

Spotlight recording operates by automatically triggering camera floodlights when heat and motion is detected. The white light supports colour recording in low lux conditions up to 20 meters. If floodlights have not been activated, Swann security cameras will record in black and white using IR night vision. 

On the other hand, Hikvision offer several tiers of starlight technology ranging from budget to premium prices. As Hikvision has a wider range of night-time colour recording options, these cameras are better suited to high end commercial and complex applications. 

For budget conscious customers we recommend Swann’s Spotlight Night Vision. These cameras are able to capture colour recording at zero lux (using spotlight), and are therefore  sufficient for a large range of installation scenarios.

If tossing up between the two, a deciding factor might be whether or not you mind relying on white light assistance at night or would prefer to achieve colour vision in a more discrete manner.

Smart Home Integration

Smart home integration is a major bonus when it comes to setting up your security system. For example, you can avoid unnecessary wiring by using your voice assistant to stream recordings to your TV. 

The majority of Swann’s Security systems are compatible with both Google Assistant! and Amazon Alexa.  While, Hikvision cameras cannot be integrated with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

When it comes to Smart Home integration, it is a clear win for Swann Security.

Overall, Swann Security products are well suited to domestic installations, while Hikvision products are better  tailored to larger commercial installations. Ultimately, your decision will depend upon which camera features you prefer and your budget. 

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