Security Monitoring Upgrade Offer

Switch your monitoring to Jim's and get a free alarm system valued at $1000 with our upgrade offer* (NSW Customers Only)

* 36 Month Monitoring Comittment Required. 

Do you have a monitored home or business alarm system?  

Switch your monitoring to Jim’s and get a Jim’s Smart Touch Security System at no cost (valued at $1000)*

Combine Jim's Back to Base monitoring with the latest in smart Security. 

Jim’s Security’s Back to Base Alarm Monitoring gives you 24 hours/365 days a year protection through our state-of-the-art Control Room if a security breach occurs at your premises.

What are the advantages of 24/7 Monitoring with Smart Security?

Easy User Management:

You can quickly add additional user codes for new employees or extended family members that need access to a property. If an employee leaves the business then you can remove their access code, no need to pay for a profressional to come and reprogram your system each time.

Customise your Notifcations

Quickly find out by email, text or push notifications if your alarm is set off, or has been activated or deactivated. You will get notifited of an alarm event at the same time as the monitoring centre.

Event Reporting

Do you want to check that your staff have opened up the store on time? Using the mobile app you can quickly review reporting of all events relating to your system, including alarm activation, motion and the opening and closing of doors.

Built in Automation

With the Smart Security System, you can build recipes with “if this, then do that” automations. This means device notifications, events or recordings can be triggered when the alarm is activation or even when a door is opened.

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