Security, CCTV, Audio-Visual and Wi-Fi Installation for Childcare Centre

Security, CCTV, Audio-Visual and Wi-Fi Installation for Childcare Centre


Childcare and Daycare Centres hold the huge responsibility of protecting the safety and well-being of the children they are looking after. To help ensure the best care possible, Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert recently completed a Security System installation for a local Childcare Centre. During this job Troy installed a full alarm system, CCTV with remote access, intercom and access control which will allow the owners to use the Bluetooth from their phone to enter the Childcare Centre.

Monitor the Activities of Children

A security officer can use information from CCTV footage to alert carers of an incident that may lead to an accident. CCTV footage can also be used to monitor and manage issues such as bullying.

Prevent Robbery or Theft

CCTV is a proven deterrent, however, in the unfortunate event that an incident does take place, there will be video evidence of the crime.

Manage Employees

A business like a childcare centre relies on reputation and trust – which ultimately falls into the hands of its employees. A CCTV system can be used to monitor employee performance, identify the need for further staff training or to capture unfortunate incidents such as abuse, neglect of duty or poor management.

Avert Disasters

Installing an alarm system, connected to a smoke detector, can be used to alert staff and emergency services in the event that a fire is to occur. By detecting smoke and sending out alerts early on time and potentially lives can be saved.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Ensuring your centre is covered can protect you from large compensation claims in the event of theft, natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.

Improve the Reputation of the Centre and Build Trust With Parents

An adequate security system will reduce incidence of theft and employee misconduct, resulting in happier children and parents – and therefore a better reputation for the business.

To top it all off, Troy also completed a number of aerial installations for the centre – installing a MATV system, multiple Wireless Access Points and completing several TV Wall Mounts.

Now, not only will the children at the centre be well protected and cared for, but they will also be able to enjoy their favourite TV shows, while parents and staff are able to access strong and reliable Wi-Fi.

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