Safety Related Expenses for Victims of Crime

Safety Related Expenses for Victims of Crime


Primary victims of crime, those who have been directly injured as a result of a crime, are able to receive state-funded financial compensation, which helps to cover the cost of expenses such as counselling and medical fees. In addition to this, victims are also eligible to receive funding to cover safety related expenses.

To apply for financial assistance, it is expected that:

  • you have been mentally or physically impacted by a crime
  • the crime was reported to police within a reasonable timeframe;
  • and happened within the last two years (with some exceptions)

If you have been a victim of crime, it is likely that you may be feeling vulnerable or in fear for your safety. In such instances, installing or upgrading to a new security system may help to ensure you feel safe and secure in your home.

Here at Jim’s your safety and comfort is first and foremost. We have worked with a number of crime victims, and have built an understanding of how to best approach security installation for such circumstances. Not only does Jim’s offer free home security assessments see which security system would be most appropriate for your home and personal circumstances, but all of our installers are also licensed and policed checked.

It is important to note that when lodging a claim to a victims’ assistance tribunal, it can take up to six weeks for payment to be approved. Payments can be made by upfront the victim, and later claimed using a receipt, invoice or quote substantiating to safety related-expenses. However, if urgent financial assistance is required, funds can be made available over a shorter time frame through an interim assistance package through your relevant state body.

Examples of the type of systems we have installed to protect our clients include:

CCTV surveillance systems

  • can be installed externally as a deterrent to potential intruders
  • can be used to provide evidence for breaking an intervention order
  • can be used to view your property remotely, if in fear of safety when returning home
  • include night vision, so that video footage can still be captured in the dark

Smart Security and Alarm Systems

  • perimeter protection can be used to create a ‘ring of protection’ around your home, by configuring smart sensors to protect doors and windows – this setting can be used when you are at home, and allows you to move freely around your property whilst feeling more safe and secure
  • enable you to control your system from a touch screen or app, allowing you to view security footage in real-time, no matter where you are
  • can give you notifications and alerts about activity when you are away from home
  • allow you to create event triggered automations by configuring your system to send notifications or record footage when triggered by a certain event
  • enable you to use a professional monitoring service (at Jim’s our monitoring centre is is certified to the highest Australian Standards and is audited by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited)
  • include an internal screamer siren to startle intruders and let them know they have been detected
  • include an external siren and blue strobe to alert neighbours and passers-by that your alarm has been activated
  • include a key pad used to arm and disarm system, which can be configured to arm only specific detection devices to ensure safety whilst at home

Video Intercoms & Keyless Electronic Access Control systems

  • enables you to provide a greater level of security to a property’s entry points using Yale Smart Locks
  • combined with CCTV cameras and an intercom this system can be used to identify people and vehicles outside your home
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