Revolutionising business protection in Australia with Verkada and Jim’s Security

Revolutionising business protection in Australia with Verkada and Jim’s Security


The Jim’s Security team endeavours to stay ahead of the curb and keep our ear to the ground when it comes to superior security products and solutions to ensure our commercial customers are afforded the latest and greatest protection in the market. This has lead us to working with Verkada . Verkada is a leading innovator in cloud-based security solutions and offers a number of advantages for businesses in Australia. Jim’s Security team members have become Verkada Certified Engineers – and are well equipped to oversee the successful delivery of Verkada solutions for all commercial partners.

Why Verkada?

Firstly, Verkada’s cloud-based platform provides businesses with a seamless and accessible approach to security. The centralised control allows for real-time monitoring and management, granting businesses the ability to respond swiftly to any security incidents. CCTV solutions can be integrated with access control and alarm measures for a complete security solution. As it is cloud based, sites no longer require NVR recorders. Once connected to the network, cameras record to the cloud whilst also storing up to 365 days worth of recording locally in the camera.

Verkada’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities enhance the overall security of your site(s). The system can quickly surfrance meaningful events to detect suspicious activities &/or potential threats, providing proactive alerts to security personnel. The Verkada solution can also be used for operational efficiencies through monitoring occupancy and foot traffic maps. This empowers businesses to not only take preventive measures before incidents escalate, but also ensure the business is operating as effectively as possible.

Furthermore, Verkada’s scalability is a significant benefit for businesses of all sizes. Whether a small retail outlet, a multi-site national business or a large scale corporate office, the system can easily adapt to the changing needs of the business, ensuring a cost-effective solution that grows as the business expands. All hardware is also backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Finally, We have found that Verkada offers a superior user interface that makes it easy for staff to navigate and utilise the system effectively, reducing the need for extensive training.

In conclusion, Verkada offers Australian businesses an innovative, efficient, and reliable security solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to safeguard assets and operations effectively. If you need superior protection for your business, contact Jim’s Security to discuss the Verkada solution and check your eligibility to receive a 30 day free trial of the Verkada Command platform.

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